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The Victim’s Game

by Laura Giebfried

What happens when someone tells a lie about you, and everyone believes it’s the truth?

When August transferred from his Seattle college to the tiny university in the backwoods of Maine, it was because he wanted to be as unknown as possible.
Little did he know that he would be given the dorm room of Quincy Carter, a beloved student who died the semester before.
As August tries to keep his own past a secret, he finds himself being sucked into Quincy’s instead – only it’s not the story that everyone thinks it is.

The fifth novel from Laura Giebfried, author of None Shall Sleep, couldn’t be more timely. Giebfried explores the world of he-said, she-said, and gives insight into mental illness, prejudice, and the pitfalls of believing one person’s side of the story.



On the night Maa weds the prince of her dreams, Pharaoh Lamani invades Aksum with his army.

He takes the throne and he takes Maa as his concubine. She hates him for it.

And she hates that she is falling in love with him.

A.I. Zombie: Book 1 of the Space Station At The Edge Of The Black Hole Series

by L.A. Johnson

A supernatural evil threatens space station residents who are already on the edge. They might even survive-if they can work together for five minutes, which basically means that they’re doomed.
Lyra is a plucky doctor at the hospital that serves Celestica and the surrounding moons and planets. Like most of of the residents on Celestica, she’s running from her past. That makes her extra motivated to protect the present. Living this far from the civilized universe though, anything and everything can go wrong. The only question is, what will it be this time?

In this case, it’s a mysterious new patient brought in from a nearby planet. And also, a mutant rat that starts a bar fight. The mysteries just keep stacking up, and it’s up to Lyra and her oddball friends to figure out what’s going on before it’s too late.

This story has mutant rats, orc miners, a head of security that looks like the Predator, and a very cool jellyfish named Gorb. And also, an A.I. Zombie. Snarky Sci-Fi with mystery, mayhem, and monsters.

Excerpt from A.I. Zombie:

Lyra tried to sum it all up and make herself feel better. “Ok, people, so the weird singing patient is no longer singing. Maybe the lack of brain function finally caught up to him. That would, in fact, be completely normal. And a very rational explanation as to why he stopped. Just in case, though, I’m going to check on Vax.”

Except that her feet wouldn’t move. “Gorb, you coming with me, buddy?”

Gorb shook his head.

“What about you, MACRO? Up for a walk?”

Beep, beep, beep.


“Um,” he replied, pointing at his phone. “Research. Very important.”

“Fine,” she said, as she made her way slowly down the hall like she was being made to walk the plank in a pirate horror movie. “I’ll go alone.”

Sweet Matchmaker (Indigo Bay Sweet Romance Series Book 2)

by Jean Oram

Ginger McGinty hates liars. And she just married a spy.

Bridal shop owner Ginger McGinty excels at matchmaking unless it’s for herself. That is, until she meets the dreamy Aussie who helps her get into an event meant for engaged couples. Logan Stone is sweet, caring, thoughtful and funâ??everything she desires in a man. But it turns out, her new fake fiancé could use a bit more than just a pretend engagement to get him into partiesâ??he needs a quick marriage keep him in the country so he can be with his adopted special needs daughter.

With a marriage of convenience pro-con list longer than the average wedding veil, Ginger puts her faith in romance and offers Logan her hand in return for one thingâ??no lies.

But little does she know, almost everything she knows about her new husband is based on a lie.

Everything except his kisses and the way he accidentally spills his soul whenever they meet. And that’s quickly becoming a problem for Logan Stone who depends on distance and deceit to keep civilians such as Ginger safe from his enemy’s clutches.

Will the two find love in their marriage of convenience, or will everything break apart when the truth rises to the surface, shattering everything, including their trust?

This is the second book in the Indigo Bay Sweet Romance series (a world created by six fabulous authors) as well as a spinoff prequel for Jean Oram’s Veils and Vows series. This heartwarming romance can be read on its own without any worries about missing important plot bits so give it a whirl and get swept away!

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