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Stop Procrastinating Now: Learn the Secrets of How to Stop Your Procrastination Fast and Increase Productivity (Procrastination,Procrastination Cure,Procrastination … Transformation,Time Management Book 1)

by Jeffrey Harris

This book contains proven steps and strategies on how to cure procrastination permanently.

Do you always find yourself postponing almost everything? Are you always in a hurry trying to meet a deadline when you had enough time to have completed a task? Is your inability to do things when they are supposed to be done rather than procrastinating affecting your productivity? Is you procrastination affecting your relationships? If this is you, then you may just be a chronic procrastinator and you need to take action now; don’t procrastinate on acting on what you learn in this book.

While all of us have ever procrastinated, this does not mean that we all have a procrastination problem. This book will help you first understand the difference between a few times of procrastinating difficult times and a chronic procrastinator. You will also learn about its effects on our life, overall development, and life goals achievement.

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The Veteran’s Guide to The VA Home Loan: How your benefit works and saves you money on a home.

by Ian Lord

If you’ve served in the military and have an honorable discharge, you have one of the greatest possible tools available to help buy a home. You don’t need to spend too much to borrow money or even need a down payment. If like many veterans you are disabled according to the Department of Veterans Affairs then your savings can be enormous!

I can show you in a very short read of less than 7,000 words information about:

What exactly the VA loan is
How to qualify
How the VA funding fee works
How to avoid the funding fee
And answers to other questions about using the VA loan

This information is useful, actionable, and doesn’t pretend to be full of flowery language about making all your dreams come true. I’m not teaching you how to buy a house or trying to sell you a mortgage, but if you want to quickly understand the VA home loan and give The Veteran’s Guide to the VA Home Loan a read.

The guide to doing more sh!t in less time: Life and time hacks to create more freedom/flexibility in your life and business

by Emma Perrow

This book could have drawn you in, through a number of ways; you could already be getting a whole heap of sh!t done and want to do moreâ?¦or you could be super lazy and want some life-hacks.

Because I have a confession.

I am lazy.

Yep, I am the expert in getting sh!t done. Yet…I believe that I am lazy.


I am so flippin’ lazy that I can write a book on it in less than a few hours. I can also get it out to the public within days. I am THAT lazy. Will it be edited? Probs not, and does it really matter? I am simply giving you some tips and tricks to get your sh!t done. Why faff around with all that sh!t, when I just have a message to share?


I am that lazy that I always find an easier way to get sh!t done.


There is always a faster and easier way of doing something. This is a truth that I believe, and that has served me well for years.

Because the proof is in the pudding, my friend.

Over the past few years I have:

* Written 9 books – Oh! This is number 10! #yassss
* Created, launched and delivered too many online courses to count
* Ran my business in the online and offline world
* Won awards for said business
* Ran face to face and online trainings in all things tech
* Created over 50 websites
* Been a mum to a teen (still am! arrrrgghhhh)
* Travelled overseas often and only worked an average of 10 months a year

There is probably much more, but I am way too lazy to mention it all here.

But WHY do I want to be lazy?
Cos’ I get to spend the time I have on doing things that I want to do. Not because I have to.

Plus I like to watch Netflix, lay on the beach and chill.

A lot.

Don’t you want more time for YOU? More time to do the things that you want to do – or not? It’s really about choice hey? Given the choice …what do you actually want?

So, this book is a fast, yet inspirational read. It will get to the point quickly and without bullsh!t. I am a total fan of straight-talking and I can’t be arsed with beating around the bush.

Let’s flippin’ do it!

P.S These lazy tips are in no particular order, you can pick one and go from there

P.P.S If use the term J.F.D.I – this means ‘Just F*cking Do It’. In case you didn’t know or can’t work it out.

Money Smart: How Not to Buy Cat Food When You Don’t Have a Cat

by Mary C Kelly

How to be Money Smart is directed toward 18-30 year olds who want to build wealth and live well.

Easy to read, and quick to implement, this guide explains how to buy a car, whether to rent or buy a house, how to develop an effective saving and spending plan, and how and where to invest.

Dr. Mary Kelly was once asked if she was afraid of the risk involved with investing. Mary’s answer was, “I am far more afraid of having to buy cat food when I don’t have a cat.”

This became part of the many personal finance courses Mary has taught for three universities to thousands of students.

Money Smart is dedicated to Mary’s students, with the hope that they will make smart decisions, live well, and help others.

Being smart about personal finances has never been more important. Start now!

Perfect for college students, new managers, or anyone who needs guidance and motivation on how to be smart with money.

Helpful Tips to Make More Tips: A Beginnerâ??s Guide to Maximizing Your Gratuities

by Desmond van der Hoff

Are you a server, waiter, waitress, or bartender?
Are you looking for a way to make more tips?
Do you want to have fun at work?
Do you want to be happier at work?

If so, this book is for you. With over a decade of experience in the service industry, van der Hoff shows you all the helpful tips to make more tips. With specialized insight into the psychology of the customer, you will easily be able to make significantly more tips for every shift you work.

This book is GUARANTEED TO PAY FOR ITSELF after just one shift. The information in this book is potentially worth thousands of dollars for anyone who works in the service industry.

15 TOP Work From Home Jobs

by David C. Walters

Have you ever dreamed of working from home? Having more time with family? Having time to really enjoy life. This eBook can help make that dream a reality. We not only show the top 15 jobs that employers will pay you to do from home but the skills that are required to gain them. We look en-depth at the trending pay rates for each job and the pros and cons of each job, so that you can find the right job for you. Believe it or not employers have found that paying home based employees raises productivity and so it is a win win situation for both the employee and the employer.

Rethinking Retirement: Finishing Life for the Glory of Christ

by John Piper

John Piper challenges fellow baby boomers to forego the American dream of retirement and live out their golden years with a far greater purpose in mind.

They say it’s a person’s reward for all those years of labor. “Turn in your time card and trade in your IRAs. Let travel plans and golf-course leisure lead the way.” But is retirement really the ideal? Or is it a series of poor options that ignore a greater purpose-and will kill a person more quickly than old age?

John Piper responds: “Lord, spare me this curse!” And his resounding message is for anyone who believes there’s far more to the golden years than accumulating comforts. It’s for readers who long to finish better than they started, persevere for the right reasons (and without fear), experience true security, value what lies beyond their cravings, and live dangerously for the One who gave his life in his prime. With this brief book, Piper is sure to spur fellow baby boomers in their resolve to invest themselves in the sacrifices of loveand to grow old with godly zeal.

The four values: Practical guide to achievement

by Stefan Sima

The subject of our short masterpiece is achievement and its aim is setting and fulfilling the greatest purpose of life.
We chose this subject because in a time of prosperity, possibility, and accessibility, society is suffering from lack of accomplishment, and even worse, failure became a common state accepted amongst young people.

The main reason is that we built our lives around the teachings we received from our parents, elders and mentors that lived in a society way different from the one we live in today, one in which the rules they thought us had appliance and usability.

The world we live in today has changed its system of beliefs. It has other ideals, other values and needless to say, a different way of living.

It’s time to stop investing time and effort into rules of conduit just to be validated by the people around us, it’s time to build values that will help us, individually; values that will drive us through an amazing, meaningful and abundant experience of life.

This short book is a practical guide to establishing, growing and enhancing these values.

Guide to Making Money with Cafepress

by Melanie Bremner

Are you an artistic person? Ever wondered what it would be like to sell your drawings on t shirts or any other thing? There is a company called Cafepress that allows you to add your artwork to over 200 items to sell at whatever price you would like. You receive your own storefront and can either have a free store or a paid membership.

In this lesson I will walk you through the steps of signing up, creating a product and setting up your storefront. I will show you how to market, find buyers, and get started on your own business selling your creations.

This is a 17 page tutorial

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