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Microsoft PowerPoint 2016 2013 2010 2007 Tips Tricks and Shortcuts: Presentations, Special Effects and Animations in 25 Mini-Lessons (Easy Learning Microsoft Office How-To Books)

by Amelia Griggs

25 Mini-Lessons PLUS Videos Packed with PowerPoint Tips, Tricks and Shortcuts
Bite-Sized Learning Modules to Help You Work Smarter, Save Time and Increase Productivity
Plus Links to 25 Companion Training Videos
Create Your Presentations and Slideshows Easier, Smarter and Faster!
Format Presentation Slides in a Snap
Learn PowerPoint Tricks To Make You an Excel Expert Overnight!

*Part I. PowerPoint Basics: Creating a Simple Presentation, PowerPoint Templates, Simple and Fast Formatting, Copy/Paste Tricks, Format Painter, Opening, Saving, Closing and Printing
*Part II. Working with the Slide Master
*Part III. Working with Slides: Inserting, Deleting, Copying and Moving Slides
*Part IV. Backgrounds, Objects, Images and Media
*Part V. Slide Show Options: Electronic Pen, Laser Pointer, Highlighter and Presenter View
*Part VI. Animation Station and Special Effects
*Part VII. Extras: Speaker Notes, Handouts, Hyperlinks, File Conversion, Plus BONUS Tricks to Make You an PowerPoint Expert

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How to Make Your Books Appeal to Readers: How to write non fiction books that make readers talk about your books

by Sesan Oguntade

Now Readers Can Fall in Love With Your Books!

Are you getting tired and disappointed? That book has failed to get good reviews and sell very well on the various sales platforms.

Do you sometimes wonder how best-selling, non-fiction authors have written books that have drawn lots of goodwill, positive word of mouth and lots of cash? You should stop your search, ‘How to Make Your Books Appeal to Readers…How to write non fiction books that make readers talk about your books’ shares over 20 contents you can add to your non-fiction books to excite your readers and make them spread the message of your book with their word of mouth without any marketing cost to you.

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Get Your Head Around: Python Programming I

by Austin Hartnell-Jones

Specifically formatted for reading on Kindle/Tablet devices. This book is for people with very little programming knowledge (or none at all) who want to learn to code using the very simple yet immensely powerful Python programming language. The book uses plain English to explain all the new ideas and concepts as they are introduced. This first book in the series will get you quickly up and running and will explain the basic functionality and structure of Python. Later books in the series will build on this foundation and will develop some of the more advanced aspects of the language.

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