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Edgar Allan Poe: Novelas Completas (A to Z Classics) (Spanish Edition)

by Edgar Allan Poe

Este libro electrónico contiene las siguientes obras de Edgar Allan Poe:

La caída de la Casa Usher
El corazón delator
El escarabajo de oro
El gato negro
El pozo y el péndulo
El retrato oval
Los Crímenes de la calle Morgue
Manuscrito hallado en una botella
La máscara de la muerte roja
Método de composición
Poemas I
Poemas II
Relatos escogidos
Relatos escogidos II
Relatos escogidos III
William Wilson

X2: Another Collection of Horror

by C.M. Saunders

“A superb story teller, Saunders is well on his way to becoming a true master of the macabre.”

Mark Edward Hall

(Author of Soul Thief and Apocalypse island)

The sequel to 2014’s successful X: A Collection of Horror features ten more slices of dark fiction from the blood-soaked pages of Fantastic Horror, Unspoken Water, Dark Valentine and several anthologies. Also includes two previously unpublished stories, extensive notes, and original artwork by Greg Chapman.

Meet the teacher who sees dead pupils, the ambulance crew who pick up a casualty who won’t die, and the childhood friends who spend the night in a haunted pub. Along the way you can meet a man who refuses to accept his wife’s death and goes to extreme lengths to keep the flame of love alive, the boy who just likes to watch you sleep, and maybe even pay a visit to an antique shop with a deadly secret. If you dare.

WARNING: Graphic Content

Children of Dionysus (Always Dark Angel Book 1)

by JN Moon

With bloodthirsty immortals at war, one rookie vampire must navigate an unfamiliar world to save the woman he lovesâ?¦

Anthony is struggling to survive a nasty problem: a newfound lust for blood. After a vicious attack leaves him changed forever, the former human has nothing and nobody to turn to. But with the guidance of a 18th century vampire, Anthony discovers a parallel realm that may give him a second chanceâ?¦

As this new world governed by debauchery and self-indulgence teeters on the verge of war, Anthony finds himself caught in between the immortals and the Elite. If that wasn’t bad enough, he hears rumors of twisted and tortured creatures forged in sinister experiments. But when Anthony discovers his still-human sweetheart has been dragged into the clash, he enters the battle with a vengeanceâ?¦

Faced with the choice to side with predators or prey, Anthony may have found out far too late that saving both his new home and his true love could be impossibleâ?¦

Children of Dionysus is the first book in the Always Dark Angel saga, a series of urban fantasy novels. If you like embattled supernatural beings, flawed characters, and a touch of romance, then you’ll love JN Moon’s thrilling paranormal series.

Buy Children of Dionysus today to satisfy your thirst for adventureâ?¦

Ghost Becoming: A Novellette

by Sara Green

A young man will stop at nothing to get his fiancé’s father’s approval, that includes the grave. When Curtis Randolph’s wedding to the love of life is postponed due to the passing he learns of certain options that his family had long kept secret from him. A gift,a curse, and a world few have experienced.

Join horror author Sara Green in her new novelette, GHOST BECOMING, a chilling tale of the darkness of humanity and the ends we will go for true love.

The Defective Man: RYP#22

by Trevor R. Fairbanks

EURASIA IS AT WAR WITH EASTASIE!!! NUEVA MEXIA IS AT WAR WITH EVERYBODY!!! And Nathin Gentile is late for work. The World-Mart is the largest chain of stores in North America and Nathin is just another drone working the produce line. But when he falls in love with the daughter of upper classman Mustapha Mond, his world will be turned upside down and he will become THE DEFECTIVE MAN.
Set in the same “universe” as 1984, THE DEFECTIVE MAN is a contemporary American spin on a science fiction classic.

Viral Intent : (Barely Alive Series Short – Dominic)

by B.R. Paulson

Dominic has no remorse, no guilt, and his righteous justification swells as his research goes unchecked. There’s someone Dominic wants to save, and he may have the cure. But now he needs test subjects.

He creates a virus that brings about the zombie apocalypse. There’s no excuse for how he treats Paul and humanity itself, but understanding the man might shed light on the evolution of the virus that brings Paul and Heather together.

Discover the how and why behind Dominic’s evil actions. Are you brave enough to see how a Zombie Master evolves?

***BR Paulson Books***

Cost of Survival, bk 1
Exchange Rate, bk 2
Worth of Souls, bk 3
BoxSet books 1 – 3

Into the End, bk1
Through the Flames, bk 2
Out of the Ashes, bk 3
BoxSet books 1 – 3

Barely Alive, bk 1
Falling Apart, bk 2
Mostly Dead, bk 3
Viral Intent
BoxSet books 1 – 4

Psycho Inside Me
Watch Me Burn
A Girl Divided
Psycho Collection BoxSet

Memoirs of a Cannibal
Cannibal Holiday
Cooking with the Cannibal
Cannibal CookBook
Keeping up with the Cannibals

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