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The Ice Harvester

by GP Johnston

Henry Graham is an ice harvester on the run in New York’s Hudson Valley after a run-in with anti-union thugs left one man dead. Desperate to maintain cover, he scales the walls of the regal estate Lindenhurst and stumbles upon a frozen lake just as a beautiful woman falls through the ice. When he pulls her to safety, he learns that her name is Lillian Harold, an American blue blood betrothed to Charlie Cornelius, heir to a railroad magnate. As a gesture of thanks, Charlie’s father offers him a job. Henry is hesitant to throw in with the elites but still fearful of capture, so he accepts.

Almost immediately, Henry and Lillian sense an unsettling attraction toward one another. This mutual attraction between the two continues to evolve and grow until Lillian realizes she might be in love with two men at the same time. As Henry shows a great aptitude for the business, Charlie seeks to escape his destiny by seeking out adventure in the far reaches of the world. The stubborn, rebellious, and impatient Lillian turns to Henry for company and they begin an illicit affair. Soon all begins to unravel when Charlie returns home and Henry’s past finally catches up with him. Henry eventually lands in Europe. There, amidst the harrowing chaos and carnage of World War I, he makes a promise: to live through the war, return to New York and see Lillian once more.

The Ice Harvester spans the roiling conflicts of America’s gilded age to the killing fields of Europe. It is a tale of love, friendship, loyalty and betrayal as well as the American dream versus its harsh reality in a time of historic splendor and brutal savagery.

Martin Cunningham’s Birthday

by Malcolm Frazer

“Upstairs, from John’s room, the insistent creaking of labouring bedsprings continued. It was this that had woken him, or so he supposed. He carried on smoking until the creaks became less frenzied and finally, after one last wistful groan, stopped altogether. He leant across and stubbed out his crumbling cigarette into a plastic cup. There were many things he arguably needed on his birthday but to be woken by John humping upstairs was not one of them. . . Tomorrow it would all be very different. Today was his last day at Birmingham General with Harrington, the Old Fart. Tomorrow would be very different. “
So begins Martin Cunningham’s 23rd birthday and his final eventful day as senior medical student at the General Hospital, Birmingham. He is right about one thing: by day’s end nothing would ever be the same again.

Second-In-Command: Mutant Rain Origins

by L.A. Frederick

You have got to be a fighter to rise through the ranks of New Hampton’s criminal underworld.

You must be willing to do the necessary, especially when you have designs on a top spot within the most notorious gang in the city’s chequered history. Guy Hagan was not aware of what was required. He will learn and carve out a legacy that others will never forget.

It was not always that way for Guy but nice guys finish last, and he is not planning on finishing last.

Second-In-Command is a dark, sci-fi urban mystery novella set before the events of The Rain: The Mutant Rain Series Book One.

Think of the series like a jigsaw, you can read in any order. The story could be read the main novel, The Rain, first and then the prequels in any order. Alternatively, you could read the prequels and then the main book. Whichever way you choose to read you will achieve the same result, but within reason, it will be a unique trail of breadcrumbs for each reader.

The Mutant Rain Series:

Prequel Novellas (Read in any order):
The Last Doctor
The Lost Boy (Exclusive to my mailing list, please join via my website
The Forgetful Man
The Lone Vigilante (Coming soon)

Book One- The Rain
Book Two- (Currently writing)

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