Free romance Kindle books for 10 Jun 18

Next to You

by Daisy Prescott

I added my friend Sage to my rugby club’s annual list of women who are off limits thinking I could protect her from the gorillas I play with.

Never did I think I’d be the one to break the code and date her.

Even if it’s all for show. A wager between friends. An excuse to hang out with her.

Nothing more than that.


The man-bun-sporting South African rugby god next door is my fake boyfriend

Who agrees to date their best friend over a green smoothie? Apparently this girl right here.

I need to rebuild my confidence after some poor dating decisions. Who could be better to fluff my ego than Aspen’s hottest bachelor? 

This situation is a win-win.

Next to You is a friends-to-lovers standalone Romantic Comedy/Sports Romance set at high altitude.           

Rodeo Man (Cameron Cowboys Book 1)

by Margaret Watson

Rodeo star Grady Farrell is devastated when a gruesome leg injury ends his career. The rodeo was his life, and retirement gives him too much time to think about Becca Johnson, the woman who betrayed him. But when Grady buys a ranch in Cameron, Utah, he comes face to face with Becca again.

Becca is no longer the insecure teenager Grady remembered – she’s now a strong, confident woman. She’s never stopped loving Grady, but she knows she can’t get too close to him. Becca is hiding a huge secret – she can’t let him find out that her daughter is his daughter, too.

When Grady finds out the truth, will this new betrayal destroy their second chance at love?

You, Me, & Eternity

by Sybil Smith

Love. Happiness. Heartbreak. Life.

Follow the heartwarming and inspiring journey of Nora and Leslie as they move through a long, exhilarating life togetherâ??one that only true love can bring. 

Nora Gallagher and Leslie Werner find each other as young college students and never let go. Nora is a straightforward go-getter with a zest for life as bright as her red hair. Leslie, preparing for her medical residency, is as smart as she is stunning. Their love blossoms throughout the years as they support and push one another to achieve their goals.

While both Nora and Leslie experience success in their careers, they also find fulfillment with each other and the family they begin together. Even through the exhaustion of raising two children, they are still able to find time for one another and remain madly in love.

Nora and Leslie understand that life has many obstacles to throw at them and that the best way through it all is together, hand in hand.

In this uplifting story, Nora and Leslie show us what it means to be devoted to one another and what happens when there really is a happily-ever-after.

“A great summer read!”

“I loved seeing their life unfold. It gave me something to look forward to!”

This novel is a happy ever after story that contains over 70,000 words, multiple romance scenes, and over 360 pages. Mature readers only.

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