Free science fiction Kindle books for 10 Jun 18

The Last Orchard: Book 0

by james Hunt

Charlie Decker traveled to Seattle to acquire a much needed loan for his family’s Orchard. After a dozen requests, Charlie is forced to head home empty handed. But his plans are derailed after an unexpected attack on the city renders all electronics useless. No cars. No phones. Everything about the modern world has been destroyed. And that’s when the chaos begins.

Vengeance Is Mine: Book 1 of The Vengeance Cycle

by Katherine Elizabeth Curtis

Vengeance is Mine is book one of The Vengeance Cycle, a chilling Christian dystopian series that is more timely than ever.

In a world ruled by women, Nathan Bordage has been trained since infancy to protect the Queen. But when he discovers a chilling secret and an ancient, mysterious book, his life will never be the same. Guided first by his best friend, Hunter, and the by a young woman who may be hiding more than he knows, Nathan will come to terms with his world, his faith, and will be tested to the breaking point…and this is only the beginning.

Maelstrom (A Time Travel Adventure)

by Logan Castle

The Multiverse, the roof under which infinite worlds reside, has fallen under the threat of annihilation…and I’m the only one who can save it.
Unfortunately, I must find a way to save myself first.
Since being stranded in another reality, I’ve been beaten with an inch of my life, hunted relentlessly by killer cyborgs and been left with little to no hope that I would ever find my way back to my own world and the ones I love.â??

Amidst all of this, an ancient enemy has returned, revealing itself as the true architect behind events that threaten to destroy all there is.
Time is against us. In order to even the playing field, I need to discover the truth behind my own mysterious power…before it’s too late.

Fear The Dark

by Martin P Kerrigan

From distant space the beyond gods of darkness have come to destroy.


To feed.
To crush the earth.

For in the darkness there are things.
Evil things.
Hateful things.
Hungry things.

And there are some people who eat darkness.

In a land you have never imagined.
In a place you have never been.

An old warrior and a young woman must find a way to defeat the creatures of the dark.
A mind-bending, shape-changing monster that leaves torn bodies scattered like breadcrumbs across the land.
Created of earth, agony, death and blood.
And a relentless enemy of savage depravity.
More than humanâ?¦
And less.

Eaters of darkness.

There are many ways to dieâ?¦
And the darkness knows them all.

If you have never been afraid of the darkâ?¦
You will be.

Fear The Dark!

Winner of the Dream Realm Award for Horror.

The Tree That Grew Through Iron (The Panagea Tales Book 1)

by McKenzie Austin

The natural world was dead. Archaic gods and legends withered away, forgotten by mankind in their lust for industrial advancement. The Time Fathers of Panagea kept their divisions’ times in check, but they couldn’t keep the land from crumbling beneath their feet.

Nicholai Addihein rules the Southeastern division’s world of coal, steam, and iron. An impulsive decision soon bucks him from his status as a respected leader when he stops his division’s time to save his love, Lilac, from an untimely death. He finds committing the ultimate taboo comes with the ultimate punishment: the Time Fathers want him killed, and the already fragile earth deteriorates even faster, leaving millions dead.

Falling from grace lands Nicholai in the company of Captain Kazuaki Hidataka and his crew of outcasts. While safe from the Time Fathers at sea, Nicholai is at the mercy of the captain and his crew. But when a discovery unveils the existence of the last Earth Mother, Umbriel, and the foundation of lies in which the Time Fathers are built, an uprising begins. Through bloodshed and revolution, there is no good or bad: only doing what one thinks is right.

The Tree That Grew Through Iron showcases the intricate balance of mankind’s relationship with his environment, and himself.

Remnants: A Record of Our Survival

by Daniel Powell

The blight fell across the face of the world like a shroud. It mutated so quickly that the virologists never really had a chance.

America sealed its borders, but it was too late. By the time the first North American cannibalism clusters surfaced in Montreal, Winnipeg, and Vancouver, the blight was already incubating in many northern cities.

A dozen weeks later, everything was gone.

And yet, survivors have persisted. This is the story of the Keanesâ??an ordinary American family from what used to be Portland, Oregonâ??and their not-so-ordinary story of survival in the face of unthinkable human depravity.

A 22,000-word novella written in the epistolary form, this hypertextual narrative has echoes of Stephen King’s classic novel The Stand. It is appropriate for science fiction fans of all ages.

Rey Nada (Spanish Edition)

by Luis Nox

¿El destino es algo que ya está escrito o es algo que tú forjas?

Tane padece la desgracia en su máximo esplendor. Su congoja e inocencia lo impulsan a la venganza, pero para ello tendrá que abrazar la muerte y hacerla parte de su ser.

Un viejo mago tenebroso con ojos capaces de cortar la oscuridad está en busca de un nuevo receptor de su magia profana, uno que reciba su hechizo definitivo.

Aventúrate en el inicio del fin de una era, donde el destino, la casualidad y la voluntad se funden y fraguan un camino sin retorno.

Earth Below Us

by Richard Tyson

A young 17th Century Quaker girl is thrown across space and time to a new world where she finds hope and love among her fellow expatriates. Discovering an alien empire’s manipulation of Earth’s politics to suit their own evil purposes, the exiles return to Earth in the 21st Century desperately trying to stop World War III and return Earth to the paradise it was intended to be!

Star Wars Memes: The Definitive Meme Collection (Over 100 Star Wars memes and jokes that will make you LOL!, Star Wars, star wars memes, memes, memes for kids, star wars jokes, jokes for kids)

by Supreme Memes

The #1 Collection of Star Wars Memes Anywhere in the Universe!

This book is bursting with over 100 of the funniest Star Wars memes that will keep fans of the magical movie series in hysterics for hours!

Learn all about the galaxy far far away’s most infamous and mischievous characters and all the crazy, silly and hilarious jokes that go along with them!

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Eternal Madness: Volume 1

by Tiberius Cole

Dear potential reader,

My name is Tiberius Cole, and I am not a writer. As far as I am concerned this book is a work of fiction, a story conjured from the imaginings of a senile old man. So please treat it as such, and take every word within it as mere fiction.

With that being said the â??story’ you are about to read was told to me as if it really took placeâ?¦or is about to take place, that issue alone still confuses me greatly. I have yet to find out how this â??story’ ends, and have been told the only way I ever will is if I write and publish what I have been told so far. At first I didn’t much care if I ever found out what happened next, but I have found myself thinking of it more and more, and the somewhat sinister nature of the old man, who seems convinced what he tells me is true, now haunts me if I ever allow me mind to idle.

Luckily the old man is almost entirely blind. I know it is wrong to be glad at such a thing, but if he were able to check my work he would see this preface and most likely insist I remove it, and I couldn’t in good conscience write his â??story’ as anything other than fiction.

Now, I know what you will be wondering â?¦If he is blind then why not just pretend to write and publish it, so he will just tell me the rest of his â??story’. I tried, several times, but he always tells me that he will know when I have done it as â??something will be different’. I don’t know what he means by that, but I have tried for months to trick him with not a hint of success. I am actually worried that even after doing as he demands he still won’t believe me, and I will have just wasted a great deal of time and effort, and will always remain wanting for the answer to what happens next.

As I typed the last sentence of the previous paragraph a shiver went down my spine, and the weaker part of me felt the haunting feeling again. I should explainâ?¦the sentence reminded of how some of the people the old man talks of are desperate for an answer, and now unwittingly I have joined them now wishing for my own. I realise I may be dragging you there also, and maybe I should just learn to deal with not knowing so as to stop anyone else from feeling the pull for this answer, but I can’t help it. I need to know!

If you don’t think you could stand not knowing either, then this book is not for you. I cannot guarantee the old man will ever tell me what happens next so move on now, and save yourself my torment.

I think I should just leave you now to read it or walk awayâ?¦oh, the book is written exactly as he told me to write it. Apparently this isn’t exactly â??how it happened’ but that it made it easier for me to understand. I obviously found that quite condescending to say the least, but the old man is stubborn and gave me little chance to ever object, so it is what it is. I will stop waffling now, so from this point on I will leave you with his â??story’ as he insisted it was written.

Yours faithfully

Mr T Cole

God’s Ground: Compared to the settlement of space, all other forms of human endeavor shrink to insignificance

by John Brophy

This is a realistic science fiction adventure set at the beginning of the space tourism boom.

Desperate to escape her violent husband, twenty-year-old Tesla Miller kidnaps her infant son and takes him with her to the Sky City Resort and Casino where she believes they can safely hide. Located six hundred miles above the surface of the Earth, Sky City is the newest and largest space resort designed to provide tourists access to the one thing, the only thing, you can’t get on Earthâ??the absence of gravity.

Experience life in zero-gravity with the beautiful Tesla Miller as she and her son learn to adapt to their home in low-Earth orbit. Tesla’s life is complicated by the job she took in desperation to escape her husband, her introduction to the architect of the Sky City resort, and her increasing concern over the long-term effects that growing up in zero-gravity will have on her son.

After living in space longer than anyone in history, Tesla discovers two facts about life in zero-gravity that change the course of history and make her famous.

What did she discover, and why is her life and the lives of everyone she cares about now in danger?

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