Free travel Kindle books for 10 Jun 18

RV LIVING: Why Living In An RV Is Better Than Living In A House

by Mason Gomez

Whether you are newly retired, or just want to take a new road in life, RV living might be for you. Within this guide, you will learn the top 15 benefits of RV living as opposed to living in a home. Find the freedom and adventure of the open road with on your new path, living the RV lifestyle!

School’s Where the Ghosts Rule

by Sherri Granato

Travel through some of America’s most haunted schools where the ghosts make the rules.

Fatal Divergences

by Sherri Granato

Killings were a daily activity. The town had a reputation of being one of the most furious, vehement, violent and lawless in the nation. The mysterious and bone chilling phenomena can be seen all year round if you take the time to hike to the remote location, and wait patiently.

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