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The Unicorn’s Daughter

by Norma Beishir

Jaime Lynde would stop at nothing to find the truth.

As a child, she is told her father is dead, but one by one, the lies begin to unravel. James Lynde was an operative for the OSS during World War II, and later for the CIA. In 1986, he was still alive and working undercover in Libya.

As Jaime follows his trail, a traitor follows hers…and the US prepares to take military action.

“Beishir pens a winner with this gripping thriller…she confidently builds to a revelatory and spellbinding finale.” -Publishers Weekly-

Personal Justice (A Marc Kadella Legal Mystery Book 5)

by Dennis Carstens

First she kills her husbands, then she destroys their families.

Mackenzie Sutherland is shrouded in black at her most recent late husband’s funeral. Just get through this, she tells herself. Then on to a family meeting regarding the deceased’s willâ??which was recently altered to leave his three grown children with a paltry share of his multi-million dollar grocery enterprise. Mackenzie’s not-so despondent face might tell more observant onlookers she’s not exactly your typical grieving widowâ??but then, no one can see through her veil. This is by design. Alluring and dangerously attractive, she’s been down this road before.

Three times, in fact. In Dennis Carstens’ FIFTH hard-boiled legal thriller, we meet the classic black widow. All of Mackenzie’s late husbands were millionaires. Each died suddenly and quite mysteriously of massive heart attacks (in spite of no history of heart trouble). And each left their children with nothingâ??and their young, beautiful bride (of about a year or so) with millions.

No one can resist Mackenzie’s charm. Not her current family attorney, not even sharp, successful lawyer Marc Kadellaâ??who considered Mac his first childhood crush and just happens to run into her at their high school reunion (at which both parties are conveniently minus a plus-one).

After every death, Mackenzie’s stepchildren balk at the measly inheritance left by their fathers. And every time, they vow to get their dueâ??with no consequence. But this time is different. The Sutherland family suspects foul play, and might even have cause to bring their evil stepmother to court (thanks to a quick exhumation and toxic analysis).

If only they can keep themselves alive long enough to get that farâ?¦

Carstens’ thought-provoking legal thriller is ripe with the kind of perplexing ethical dilemma and crisp, realistic courtroom jargon fans of the genre adoreâ??with a jarring dose of twists and turns to keep the pages turning. Personal Justice merges the fabled tale of a wicked black widow with a smart, blood-boiling legal romp. And we promise: you’ll never guess the ending.

Fans of lawyer mysteries, especially the action-packed ones and those heavy on courtroom drama with a twist, are in for a treat– even Perry Mason’s got nothing on Marc Kadella.

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