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by Dan Weatherer

Early Twentieth Century England – The true story behind the infamous Dr Crippen, his crimes, his capture and his execution. Was the body in the cellar really that of Cora Crippen?
“Crippen” brings to life the events that led to the hanging of Hawley Crippen and his place in history as one of England’s most notorious murderers.
With his marriage hanging by a thread and the theatrical career of his wife Cora in tatters, Dr Crippen seeks counsel in the young and beautiful Ethel. A proud Protestant, he vows never to act upon his feelings, but after returning home and finding his wife in the arms of another, Hawley and Ethel spend the night together.
Cora learns of Hawley’s affair and confronts Ethel, knocking her to the floor causing her to lose the unborn child that Ethel had previously kept from Hawley.
With his hopes of fatherhood dashed and Cora’s threat of making his affairs public, thus running his reputation as a respected homeopathic physician, Hawley decides to take matters into his own hands.
Whilst Dr Hawley Crippen was tried and found guilty for the murder of Cora Crippen, DNA tests carried out a century later reveal that the body found under the flagstones of his cellar was not that of Cora’s. Nor was it female.
Who then fell victim to Dr Crippen’s murder plot and what happened to Cora?


by Phyllis McDuff

Bequest is the story of a gold bracelet containing a miniature of Queen Victoria by Guigilomo Faija, inscribed ‘from Victoria R, May 1849’. An heirloom from my mother Bettina Mendl who fled Vienna in 1938 ahead of the Nazi occupation losing everything; an extensive villa, vineyards, a castle in the Tyrol, the Ankerbrot factory, and a stable of prize winning tournament horses. She fled to Australia with an English five pound note in her pocket. She survived the war and retrieved the bracelet and discovered its story.

In 1848 waves of rebellion claimed the Royal Houses of Europe one by one, leaving Queen Victoria and her family in the gravest of danger.

The young Queen pregnant with her sixth child, survived two assassination attempts in two days.

Now Anna, a young Austrian maid in the Royal nursery, must undertake a secret mission to save the lives of the precious children in her care.

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