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by Cameron Walker

Sometimes being a vegetarian and going on a diet can be frustratingâ?¦the world seems set up for meat-eaters. Being different, anyhow, leads to higher creativity and to finding new untapped resourcesâ?¦

Cameron Walker is a PhD in Nutritional Science and Yoga Master.

Having suffered from invalidating migraines since the age of 6, he has a passion for helping others become healthier and a better versions of themselves, mainly through healthy nutrition and an increased awareness about their body.

All his research is based on scientific data and, first of all, on personal testing.

Aware of the fact that living as a vegetarian can be challenging (Cameron has gone vegetarian since the late â??80ies, at time in which there was much lower choice of vegetarian foods available and much less awareness about this life choice), he wished to offer a precious resource for all those who have had the courage of choosing this lifestyle and are pursuing their values every day by deliberately choosing to not eat meat and fish.

This bundle contains 2 of Cameron’s books:

1)The Ketogenic Vegetarian Cookbook, which guides you though 30 days of great vegetarian recipes and the indications you need to manage your macros and stay away from side effects when starting on your keto quest, and
2)Keto For Beginners: The Complete Guide to Ketosis & Ketogenic Diet, that will allow you to add the general information about how the keto diet works on your body in order to be even more aware of what is going on while you are enjoying your Vegetarian meal plan.

Hopefully, these intriguing recipes will inspire your mind and delight your palate, making your journey to getting into a better shape with the keto diet more of a pleasure and less of a pain.

You can add the book to the cart now or in another moment, simply remember to share this resource with the Vegetarian keto tribe.

Get Rich On Your Own Time: Create Your Own Path to Financial Freedom

by Drew Von Dappington

Have you been losing sleep over debts and loans that stand in your way for enjoying the quality life you deserve?
Are you tired of working yourself into an early grave only to pay utility bills and essentials at the supermarket?
Well, as the ever-changing financial landscape has redefined financial freedom, the key to leading a worry-free life seems to be one: investing SMART!
Delve Into The Secrets Of Passive Income & Walk Your Path To Financial Freedom!
Easy-to-read and eye-opening, this book on smart investing will teach you the secrets of passive investing strategies, to help you generate the high income you need to make the most of life.
Learning From The Experts
Find out how to use the lucrative investing opportunities to ensure financial security, explore the countless benefits of passive investment, learn about profitable index & stock funds, real estate investment, Roth IRA and savings accounts that will turbocharge your income.
Get the confidence to invest in CD ladders, peer-to-peer lending, bond or fixed income and let the story of your financial success begin!

Low Carb Casserole Cookbook: Assortment of Delicious Low Carb Diet Casserole Recipes!

by Chris McMorris

Enjoy these great Low Carb Casserole Recipes today! Net Carbs listed for each recipe to help you keep track of your dieting!

Are you trying to cut the carbs out of your life? Are you dealing with immense daily cravings for carbs while in the process of trying to eliminate them? If the answer is yes, you are not alone. Millions of people battle with the removal or at least moderation of carbohydrates from their daily diet. Why is it that we find it so difficult to give them up?
Firstly, carbs just happen to be some of the most delicious food choices out there (let’s admit it). Secondly, studies have shown that carbohydrates can be addictive/ habit forming. When carbohydrates are eaten, it releases serotonin in the brain and makes us feel better. Because of this link, we attribute eating certain junk foods to our own personal happiness/satisfaction which creates a damaging cycle of poor food choices and subsequently poor health. Lastly, carbohydrates are EVERYWHERE! It has become so hard to avoid them in our daily diet.
The act of cutting carbs out of ones diet takes serious discipline, mental fortitude, and of course a recipe book which contains delicious low carb recipes, easing the transition away from carbohydrate heavy foods we know and love into similar versions that are way more healthy more us!
I have been battling carbohydrates and doing my best to remove them from my life for many years. It has been a long road, but one I wouldn’t change for anything. Since removing carbs from my diet over ten years ago, I have lost over 100 lbs and feel like I have really gotten my life back. I can go running and play with my children at the park, things that I likely would have had to miss out on had I not taken charge of my diet.
One of the most fortunate parts about my health journey is that I have collected an amazing assortment of low carbohydrate recipes which I am excited to share with the world. When eating them, they’re sure to remind you of the real thing and make you feel like you aren’t missing out on any delicious food because of your dietary restrictions. Please enjoy this collection of Low Carb Casserole Recipes!

Home meal cook book

by Karthikeyan Kasinathan

In the historical age man has moved further and further from nature. We need light and air and we shut ourselves up in half dark and stuffy rooms. We sleep in the summer for a large part of the day, while the sunlight is blocked by the shutters or curtains of our closed windows and in artificial light we spend a large part of the night. We need rest after exhausting effort, but we numb the feeling of fatigue by intoxicating or provoking substances, both in the smoking of tobacco and in the drinking of coffee,[ II ] tea and alcoholic beverages. We could live with little carefree, building our own happiness and that of others, but we prefer an uneasy existence, because we consider it a privilege to be able to bathe in wealth, hankering for possessions in order to meet our self-created needs. , which are at least superfluous, so that we almost always bring unnecessary suffering over ourselves and others.

Prior to the application of the fire, our diet was limited to what was raw and tasty in raw state: to sweet notes and juicy fruits, to edible green leaf sprouts and to tasty roots and stem parts. But with the application of the fire one has come to dishes which, with great difficulty and expense, have been cooked, cooked, roasted, fried by things from the cook’s art, which would usually not or hardly be digestible without such an art. are, often even from things, that in raw state awakening disgust with us.

Vegetarianism is now the way to simplify life, a return to nature; So a vegetarian cookbook must be a source of information for those who want to walk this way.

Perhaps one or the other asks, whether it is not better to omit the issuing of a vegetarian cookbook and to decide on the promotion of a diet, consisting of nuts, fruits and edible roots. Let me reply to this, that society can not but slowly and gradually make the way back.

Whoever chooses to do the leap as an individual, he does it, if he does not see himself hindered by obstacles in himself or in his environment, and his courage in that case will not remain unrewarded. But we would see things as we desired them, and not as they really are, if we imagined the possibility that the society would suddenly renounce its reputation for a nutritious nut and fruit diet.[ III ] eating and drinking habits, to content themselves with what nature man offers edible in raw state.

If, however, we see things as they really are, we come to the realization that the greater will be the number of persons at the outset who will confine themselves to a nourishment, in which the art of the cook or the cooker can be disfigured. there will be a greater need for a cookbook, with those who doubt whether the flesh is so strictly necessary to remain, and that or for the sake of humanity or for the sake of health, or also for the sake of religion or intellectual considerations with the use of flesh want to break and consciously or unconscious desire to return to Nature.

For those who can not immediately withdraw from all manner of inherited habits, a kitchen book will be a need in which they find recipes that reconcile them with the lack of the flesh that has been so enraged so far; a book that can give them directions how they can feed healthier in a vegetarian way than is the normal way.

Here are some general rules, which also non-vegetarians are allowed to read. These rules concern the food itself in the first place.

One considers:

1st that the digestion begins in the mouth.

2nd that the chewing is the sole action of the digestion process, which is subject to the will.

3rd that of healthy teeth therefore depends a lot on good digestion.

4th that of the digestive organs, which are not under our will, no unreasonable labor may be demanded.

5th that these bodies also need rest after doing work.

Baby Names: Unique Baby Names with Spiritual Meaning For Boys and Girls

by Suzanne Thomas

Choosing a baby name is quite a complex process. For one, the number of possibilities is outstanding. It can be a little too overwhelming. This book is here to help you figure out the most suited for your baby.
Most people have the impression that spiritual baby names are only for parents of religious background. The truth is it doesn’t matter what your background is. Traditional baby naming may have been very strict but the rules are more flexible now.

Today, you will meet little girls with boyish names although parents are a little more traditional in picking baby boy names. If you have not named a baby in the last two decades, you might be surprised on how much things have changed. It is likely you will encounter names that may have sounded ridiculous in your time but sound so cool today with kids.
Whether they are cool and trendy, unusual and exotic, classic and timeless, all the names in this book have one things in common. They are all inspired with powerful spiritual meanings. They are a price for your precious little miracles.

Basic And Easy Spanish Short Stories: Simple Reading Method for Beginners / Learn Spanish Conversation the Natural Way

by Wilbert Estrada

Today you will learn to read Spanish the easy way while enjoying yourself.

One of the greatest challenges that readers looking for Spanish short stories have is finding the right reading method with the right stories. The purpose of practicing Spanish by reading is to reinforce what you already know and learn more while enjoying yourself with a good story.

But this process might become boring if the stories contain too much basic small talk and very little structure. On the other hand, you could have the perfect story in front of you, but it wouldn’t do you any good if you don’t have a good reading system to guide you in the reading process.

For this reason, we offer a new method of reading, with fun and exciting stories for you to enjoy. With conventional reading techniques, you usually have to learn a big list of vocabulary before you begin reading the stories.

With our reading system, instead of going through a long and tedious list of words, you simply click on the words you don’t understand within the paragraph you’re reading and the English translation will appear immediately above the word you selected. In other words, you get your vocabulary right on the spot.

This technology is available through Babaloo, our learning center. There you will practice each paragraph before reading the entire story in the book.

Each paragraph contains an individual audio so you can practice it over and over again if you feel the need to do so. This cannot be done with an MP3 audio of the entire storyâ?¦ something that most conventional reading methods offer.

Our web-assisted method also offers you the parallel text option so you can read in Spanish and consult the English translation if necessary.

Our stories don’t include boring small talk. For basic Spanish, we’ve provided a few links so you can take Spanish classes in case you need to practice simple greetings and basic grammar. These classes are free, so you’re welcome to take advantage of them. We prefer to do it that way to keep our stories exciting and enjoyableâ?¦ No boring dialog!

This book is recommended for beginners and intermediate learners who have had some previous reading experience, or beginners with no previous reading experience who are willing to take a few basic Spanish classes (Free of charge). If you have zero knowledge of Spanish, please read the note from the publisher (Look inside).

In this edition you will findâ?¦

  • Individual audio for each paragraph so you can go at your own pace and practice as much as you need to.
  • Parallel text (Spanish-English) for you to conveniently consult the translation of any given phrase right on the spot.
  • Long paragraphs are sectioned by color fonts, making them easy to assimilate.
  • Interactive vocabulary consultation. Just click on any word you need to translate as you read the story and the English translation will appear automatically above the Spanish word you’re consultingâ?¦ No need for long, tedious vocabulary lists.
  • American-style format. The dialog goes on quotation marks, and it’s introduced with dialog tags (He said, she said, etc.) just like any novel written in English.
  • Five short stories written in Latin-American Spanish.
  • A Comprehension Test at the end of each story.
  • Lots of humor and surprises (Plot twists).

Look no further! Get a copy of Basic and Easy Spanish Short Stories right now and expect positive results that will stay with you for a lifetime.

Manage Your New Career: Learn Quickly, Avoid Pitfalls, and Start Your Career With Momentum

by John Arthur

Why do some people experience early and steady career success, while others never get the traction they desire? John Arthur is a seasoned executive and business leader who has had front-row seats for, and a hand in, the careers of many. As a mentor to hundreds over the years, he has had countless mentoring discussions with promising, young professionals. This book is a compilation of those mentoring discussions, summarized in a way that can help you start your career right and on a solid foundation. Covering a broad range of 40+ career and work-related topics, this book is written in an easy-to-navigate flow from strategic career management to very tactical day-to-day advice.

These are the practical work lessons that they did not teach you in college.

Manage Your New Career features practical lessons for young professionals early in their careers, or others who are trying to get career traction in a new workplace. The book is an excellent career checkpoint for more experienced workers as well. Because the content is the result of many career and mentoring discussions with professionals at all levels, the advice is timeless and can help anyone as they try to reach their career aspirations.

Written with short, to-the-point chapters, this book will give you career perspective, coaching, and awareness, all packaged in a practical guide. Use it to get a preview on what the professional workplace will be like, learn the do’s and don’t of organizations large and small, set yourself up for career growth, and to get your career on a track that can realize its full potential.

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