Free science fiction Kindle books for 11 Jun 18

Johnny Rockett and the Beautiful Six: Book One in the Misadventures of Johnny Rockett

by K.R. McClellan

When the most normal part of your day starts with Willy the Defecator taking a dump on the barroom floor, then you must be on a ride-along with Johnny Rockett.

Johnny finally gets Aria, the sexy waitress from the Ye Olde Inn back to his freighter, and out of the blue five hot babes come knocking, desperate for a ride off the planet. When mobsters start shooting at them, Johnny hastily agrees to take them to Vangelis Four, a wild-west sort of planet many light years away, where they have a mysterious “cargo” to pick up.

Aria, not thrilled with being dragged along, makes the best of it by staying on as an unwitting co-pilot while a new danger lurks around every corner. What could these girls have done to tick off so many people?


by Harris Pozderac

In Baytropolis 2054, Marcus Lloyd, the founder of Mechadeus Megacorporation, is testing neomantium to create first self-conscious AI. As the planet’s most powerful tech titan, running for the first transhumanist president of America, he has the rival company, Hashimoto Industries, on the ropes, and Capitol Hill, in his back pocket. Nothing stands in his way but Akari Dawn: a robot-hating, high school senior, with a bionic arm and leg, who lives in the slums of Quadrant Seven with her PTSD-stricken father.

GHOST IN THE SHELL action clashes with BLADE RUNNER atmosphere as Akari embarks on a suicide mission to stop Marcus Lloyd from giving birth to self-aware AI. Otherwise, she will never learn the truth about her mother, who left her when Akari was three to discover the neomantium that she would be risking her life for now along with the future of humanity.

Flock To Your Poison

by Ellan Lir Aldryc

‘Annihilation Meets The Magicians’ – Explore a Research Institute in the Future Where Nothing is as it Seems

Alchemists. Psychics. Paranormal researchers pushing new horizons. Four friends under immense pressure to please their mentors. And then – a nightmarish disaster that threatens their reputation, livelihood, and thousands of lives. Will they rise to the challenge when no one else can? Welcome to the 24th Century. Welcome to the Sight Institute.

Listen, and we’ll tell you tales about the Five Philosophers, and the institution that’s been looking for ways to prove the impossible. Acquaint yourself with its enemies and unwanted friends. Pick your favourites, whether they’re the broody alchemists, the arrogant and gifted, or the exhausted inbetweeners who dip into every part of this mad world, and regret it.

This is the story of the day the good people of The Sight Institute decided to launch their latest invention, and precisely how that went. It’s an anatomy of an unpredictable disaster many still call the ‘beginning of the end’ of The Institute, even though most ends are never final…

So Flock to Your Poison. Save us the trouble of having to stop and explain every broken atom once you embark on the true journey to find the Sight Sublime (which you’ll be able to, later this year).

Ai Kondou says so. And if you don’t believe Ai Kondou, we don’t know what you believe.

Joe From Earth

by Judah James

This is the story of me, Joe. Everything surrounds me. Unfortunately that is the case. I have a long lost sister from Luna, and a great man from Earth. I have been wanting a promotion to climb to the next second shift in my corporation however, Roger has distracted me with a sudden cruise to Greece i could not say no too.
Little did I know, the company I wanted to work for was tracking me down for immediate distraction to Venus. This was no tot my ideal foot in the door, but I signed away.
Also you should know the ID’s are given zero rights to ownership in our Solar systems realestate. Thus they won’t share the rapid warp drive technologies that keeps the four main Sol colonies operate in ‘real time.’
The is the story of an average Joe who fixed this problem with a pajama party gone wrong.

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