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Small Town Dreams: A tale of love, life, travel and football

by J. F. Cumming

A tale of love, life, travel and football
by J.F. Cumming

A humorous tale following a football fanatic and his long-suffering girlfriend as they travel around the world, spending an unexpected redundancy payment in Thailand, Hong Kong, China, Australia, Easter Island, Chile and America.

Growing up in the small English town of High Wycombe wasn’t overly glamorous. James spent his youth dreaming of two things – travelling the world and, more ambitiously, seeing his lowly local football team, Wycombe Wanderers, experience a glorious FA Cup run.

As the reality of adulthood took hold, neither dream looked any closer to realityâ?¦ then came a redundancy for James and a First Round draw at home against Harrow Borough for the Wanderers.

SMALL TOWN DREAMS follows the events of the next six months. Six extraordinary months in a very ordinary life.

From River Island to Easter Island. From High Wycombe to Hong Kong. From old York to New York. From Millwall to the Great Wall. From Harrow Borough to Sydney Harbour. And for one unknown footballer – from unemployed zero to Ceefax hero.

A boy. A girl. A trip of a lifetime.
Around the world in an FA Cup daze.

Come and join the adventure!

Keep Possession: A World Cup Fictional Thriller

by Drew Leiden

The original World Cup trophy was stolen from its bullet-proof case in Brazil in 1983. Never recovered. Vanished for decades. The stolen trophy haunts to this day, simultaneously serving as the Holy Grail of sports and the shame of South America.

What if the missing original World Cup trophy resurfaced today? What if the stolen trophy was now intended as a bribe to secure tournament hosting rights in the geopolitics of World Cup soccer?

Jack McDonald is a reformed soccer hooligan, a man who rose above his brutal adolescence, climbing all the way to a staff job in the West Wing of the White House. But an East Room incident revives his violent past. As a consequence, Jack is forced to work undercover to reveal the corruption behind the suspicious World Cup bid of a Middle Eastern country, whose secret deal with the President of the United States threatens to be uncovered.

Imagine stripping the World Cup hosting rights from the Middle East. Imagine the anger and resentment and terror that could ensue. Imagine if someone used that soccer passion as a geopolitical sleight of hand.

Think you know the world’s game? The history of the sport is as controversial as today’s front page bribery scandals. Rooted in the true history, Drew Leiden’s thriller Keep Possession will take you on a quest for the trophy: Mussolini conspired for it; Hitler searched for it; billions of fans chanted for it, while thieves lurked in the shadows in 1966 London and 1983 Brazil.

The Practical Way To Fitness: Helpful Strategies and Tips for Getting In Better Shape

by Robert Barnes

The Practical Way To Fitness is unlike other fitness books. It is not about a routine. It is not about a program. Instead it is chock-full of useful strategies and tips for getting you in the best shape of your life! Everything in this book is practical and simple. You will benefit greatly from it whether you know nothing about fitness or have been training for years. This ebook will teach you many things including…

17 ways to be more disciplined
A simple, effective, and easy way to get into shape
11 diet rules you need to know
4 ways to make healthy food taste better
17 powerful fat loss habits
8 proven ways to build strength and muscle
The 15 most important exercise rules
8 simple solutions for plateaus
14 tips for training more efficiently
The most important fitness equipment and how to save money
Simple, effective workouts to get you started
Which exercises are the best
And much more!

Robert Barnes first became interested in fitness in 2005 after participating in high school track and field. Since then he has experimented with numerous diet and exercise techniques. He enjoys sharing his fitness knowledge and helping people get in shape. He currently writes articles for his website, In addition to fitness he enjoys Brazilian Jiu-jitsu, drawing, and video games.

Archery for Fun and Food: A Beginner’s Guide for Women

by Jill Underwood

So you want to shoot a bow but don’t know how. Do you find the whole idea of holding a bow in your hands intimidating and a little scary? Do you want to learn a new skill that will allow you to enjoy the great outdoors year-round with your spouse, family, or friends?

This book is going to break down–in simple to understand terms–how you can get started with your new hobby. You’ll learn what to look for in a bow and all the accessories that go with it. You’ll learn terminology to assist you in your quest. This book is written for beginners to provide a basic understanding of bows, arrows, and fun.

Shooting a bow will increase your confidence and improve your self-esteem. It’ll bring you out of your shell and help you stop being such an introvert.

I promise that if you follow through with the suggestions in this book,  you’ll be amazed at how much better you’ll start to feel, both physically and mentally.

Why wait? Don’t put off being part of a growing sport. If you wait, you’ll be missing out on a great opportunity to learn something beneficial. Shock and awe your friends and family with your new skill. 

SOLAR ENERGY In Plain English!: Finally! The Truth About Solar Energyâ?¦For DIY, Off Grid, or if Hiring a Company!

by Jim Marshall

***Finally, Solar Energy Explained in Simple English!***

Solar Industry Veteran Jim Marshall Reveals the Truth About Solar Energy!

Are you confused by all the conflicting information from solar power manufacturers, vendors, and installers? Then this solar power guide will clear up the confusion!

This solar energy book gives you the nuts and bolts of solar electricity in plain, no nonsense English.

Whether you are looking to go off grid solar or just save money on your electric bills, solar panels for homes are definitely the way to go.

If you plan to have a company install solar panels for you, read this book first.

If you plan on doing do-it-yourself (DIY) solar power, this is definitely a must-read, as well.

Inside you’ll learn…

* What is solar energy?

* How is solar energy generated from the sun?

* What are the advantages of solar energy?

* How does solar energy work to produce electricity?

* What are the advantages of solar energy?

* How does solar energy work at night?

* Do solar panels work in the rain?

* Do solar panels work on cloudy days?

* How to store solar energy at home.

* How much do solar panels save?

* What is the cost of solar panels per square foot?

* How many solar panels do you need to power a house?

* Do solar panels wear out?

* Can I clean my solar panels with my pressure washers?

* Do I ever need to replace my solar panels?

* Do solar panels increase the value of your home?

* How long will it take for a solar system to pay back its cost?

* Does my homeowners insurance cover the cost of solar panels?

* Can you install solar panels on the ground or do they always go on the roof?


Cold Backed: A Dream Horse Mystery Prequel (short story)

by Candace Carrabus

Viola Parker can’t land a job since the famous jumper, Wastrel, crashed to his death with her aboard. She can barely afford her whipped-cream-in-a-can addiction.

When she finds her mentor unconscious, she suspects foul play and wonders if her old friend ,Harry, has answers. But Harry disappears with the truth, leaving behind a mysterious delivery and cryptic confession.

A short story prequel to On the Buckle.

Ultratortoise – diary of a former sofa jockey turned ultramarathon runner (Ultratortoise Series Book 4)

by Chris Foreman

“…Chris Foreman, went from being a confessed couch potato who couldnt even run for the bus, to running The Wall, a 69 mile course along Hadrian’s Wall. This incredible improvement is described in his new book Ultratortoise…”

Hazel Sillver, Journalist and article writer for Women’s Running Magazine 2014
This book contains all of my previous 3 shorter journals combined together for the first time, edited for a fresh perspective with an extra 15,000 words and many more pictures. In total this book now has over 55+ thousand words, many images and online links to further detailed information and maps of routes and other online sources.

This book covers my personal diary, training plans and general waffling-on across the 4 years it took me to earn the medals now hanging up on the wall in my hallway.

How, trying to avoid getting run over by an ambulance, I ran into the back of a 25 stone man during my first half marathon and how I took down a Womble in the London Marathon. Also, how I managed to run almost across England in a 69 mile ultra and somehow manage to make it over the finish line still conscious and on my own two feet.

Along the way I hope it entertains and informs you enough to perhaps consider getting out to run a little or even run further than you may do already, and certainly to look past the limitations we give ourselves.

The book constantly explores the question – how can the bottom of your feet help you sort out stuff going on in the back of your head?

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