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Civil War Two, Part 1: America Elects a President Determined to Restore Religion to Public Life, and the Nation Splits

by Randall Collins

President Joshua Maccabee Jennings has just taken office, vowing to Make America Christian Again.

When a Supreme Court Justice dies unexpectedly, the government falls into crisis, and the secular states start seceding, forming the Coalition of Secular States of America. President Jennings declares war to stop America’s dissolutionâ??no matter what the consequences.

The new Civil War will be like nothing America has faced before.

And in Part 2, find out America’s fate.

“Collins has channeled his deep knowledge of human violence and the intricacies of combat into a taut and compelling what if fantasy that takes the cultural fissures of our nation to full scale rupture.”
– Alice Goffman, author of On The Run: Fugitive Life in an American City

“In this perfectly timed and engaging prophetic novel, Randall Collins revisits themes central to his sociologyâ??history, violence, war, emotions, human interactionsâ??to give a troubling picture of the world ahead. A must for those looking for a most engaging read!”
РMich̬le Lamont, Harvard University Professor of Sociology and of African and African American Studies

“Civil War 2 is a timely and compelling novel about what could be America’s next Civil War. The writing is exceptional. Collins has created vivid characters that superbly weave his narrative and powerfully brings his story homeâ??an engrossing read.”
– Elijah Anderson, Yale University, author of Code of the Street

“Civil War Two is a first-rate thriller, an epic history of a possible American future, and a compelling read you will be unable to put down.”
– Paul DiMaggio, Professor of Sociology, NYU Department of Sociology

“In Civil War Two, Collins provides a believable and timely account of a country divided between secularists and religious zealots. The politics of romance and espionage, of human frailty and ambition, all jump from the pageâ??Collins provides a masterful account of what a second US civil war would feel like from the inside.”
– Randol Contreras, University of Toronto Assistant Professor of Sociology, author of The Stickup Kids

“In the world of sociologists, Randall Collins enjoys a unique professional reputation. This is far from mere fantasy; it is a solidly built, scary hypothesis about a possible future of America.”
– Georgi Derluguian, expert on modern civil wars, Carnegie Scholar and Professor of Social Research and Public Policy NYU Abu Dhabi

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