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Dangerous Ally (Long Shot Series Book 1)

by Michelle Grey

Lacey Jordan is expecting dinner, and hopefully, an engagement announcement. Not her own, of course. After two serious screw-ups, she’s all but sworn off relationships. When she arrives at her father’s house to celebrate his future happiness though, he’s nowhere to be found.
As the hours pass, the worst scenarios Lacey’s mind can conjure send her rushing into action. However, reality proves even more frightening as she discovers that her father’s recent scientific breakthrough is one that people would kill for. To make matters worse, the source of the information is the one person she’d hoped to never see again.
Caleb Mansfield, her father’s former protégé and her former lover, needs Lacey’s cooperation, and the very trust he’d stolen years before. But Lacey can’t be certain if Caleb’s working with her or against her.
Running out of time, she has nowhere else to turn. As the trail leading to her father narrows, Lacey becomes a target, risking her life to save him. Too late, she understands that with Caleb back in her life, she’s risking her heart as well.


by Temptation Tales


A Sheriff’s Passion (A Frontier Montana Series Book 3)

by Michelle Beattie

Shane McCall has dedicated his life to rising above the smear his father put on his last name. As sheriff of Marietta, Montana, his reputation is finally above reproach and he aims to keep it that way. A difficult task made impossible since he made the mistake of kissing Silver Adams. Courting a saloon owner is not Shane’s idea of respectability, but when his brother comes to town and turns her head, Shane realizes the only arms Silver belongs in are his.

Silver Adams has stared down many challenges, but when she moves to Montana, she finally has independence and a sense of pride. With her close circle of friends and a successful saloon, the only thing missing from her life is love. When Silver finds everything she has been looking for in the arms of an upstanding lawman, she feels her dreams have come true until her disreputable past threatens all Silver holds dear, and now Silver must make the hardest decision of her lifeâ??telling Shane the truth.

Taken by Them (A Reverse Harem Fantasy Novel)

by Rachel Blinkman

Anna thought her dull life would never change for the better. Working in a bookstore, struggling to pay her bills and never even having a moment to think about men or romance!

That isâ?¦ until one day when ROMAN walks into her shop. He came in looking for an extremely rare book, but when he saw Anna, his desires quickly changed.

The mysterious, irresistible man tells Anna that he wishes to take her away with him – back to his homeland in a parallel dimension – and, quite naturally, Anna thinks he might be more than a little bit crazy!

However, after accepting his offerâ?¦ Anna finds herself whisked away to a place where she will experience more pleasure and passion than she ever thought possible! Especially when she finds out that Roman is not the only man waiting for her to arriveâ?¦

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