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Fortnite: Battle Royale: A Fully Updated Secret Guide to the Newest Tips, Tricks and Strategies Only the Pros are Using

by Secret Gamer Guides

Are you ready? O.k. listen….
  This guide is a very straight forward, cut and dry approach to teaching you everything you need to know in order to achieve a Victory Royale very quickly. It will also ramp up your game substantially if you’re already an experienced player. The information is compiled of many, many recent interviews conducted by us, Battle Royale players ourselves – and features some of the current top Battle Royale players out there!

  But here’s the thing…..

The book works two ways: 

1. If you’ve been playing awhile and you know a couple things, that’s GREAT!!! – But there are so many hidden gems inside this book you might not know about – which will help you reach the next level of playing no matter what stage you’re at.
2. …And if you’re just starting out, this manual describes multiple strategies relevant to all aspects of the game - and their reasons, so you get a complete catalog of pure information.  There’s no stone left unturned.

Is this a tips and tricks book? 

  Definitely.  But it’s really so much more….   besides the many gems of real advice given to you by actual high level players, inside you’ll find strategies and explanations as to why they work.  It not only tells you what you SHOULD be doing – but warns you of the many common MISTAKES that slow so many players down.  From a tip on “what makes the game special” (yes, an actual section), to Chapter 5: All About The Weapons – All Assault Rifles and their Stats – All Pistols and their Stats, this book seriously has you covered. The book won’t waste your time with “how to download” and all that page filling stuff.  There are also no “shiny bright objects” to distract you -  it’s just straight up solid valuable information. 

  Here’s a look at some of the things covered inside:

– Base building 
– Avoiding Storms
– Gathering
– Landing (best spots and why)
– Building traps
– Best places to loot
– Complete weapons guide and theory
– High ground strategies
– Team play tips
– Isolation tips
– Cloud strategies
– Robbing corpses
– Mistakes to avoid!!

……and much, much more.

  We know that there are a bunch of other books out there…. and they’re probably good – but this one is different.  In this guide, all of the research is based off of actual questions ASKED BY gamers, and answers GIVEN BY real gamers!   First, try the ‘look inside‘ feature and check out the first couple of pages.  I’m sure you’ll see it’s something that will no doubt quickly improve your Fornite: Battle Royale skills.  Then, scroll up to the BUY NOW button and get ready to seriously step up your game!!

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