Free fantasy Kindle books for 12 Jun 18

Through Dragon’s Fire

by A. N. Miller

“Someday, I’d like to have an adventure. I want to go places, wield a sword, touch the mountains. I want to have the entire world beneath my feet.”

That is all Amara desires. As an only child to her elderly mother, she toils from dawn until dusk tending wheat fields in the village of Talca. When Amara stumbles upon the magical land of Capria, her dreams become reality. So do her nightmares.

There, Amara uncovers the secrets that have clouded her life for as long as she can remember. She discovers that her father was killed by a monster. Seeking revenge, Amara decides to become a BouldAraâ??an elite swordsmanâ??and slay the dreaded beast. The king assigns the strict Kadin as her teacher. As time elapses, her ability improves until she is ready to be tested. But the BouldAra’s trial isn’t going to be as easy as she hopedâ?¦

When Amara makes a major mistake, her world falls apart. If she can’t even pass the BouldAra’s test, then how can she possibly kill the Black Dragon, especially since her fatherâ??the greatest swordsman of all timeâ??died in the attempt?

Through Dragon’s Fire is a fantasy novel that will appeal to an audience hungry for magic, drama, and adventure.

The Dream Sifter (The Depths of Memory Book 1)

by Candice Bundy

“Well-thought and greatly planned, The Dream Sifter deserves to be featured among classic gems of science-fiction. The author’s linguistic richness and her ingenious world created from scratch compile a novel which promises intense suspense and plot twists.”
Augustine (

Glimpses. Images of the pastâ?¦or future? Delusions, powers, or maybe she’s just going crazy? Rai Durmah can’t be sure of anything.

With no recollection of her prior life, she’s placed with an adoptive family who doubts her words and motives.

Her curiosity and nightmares catapult her into a world, of danger, mystery, and horror.

But when she realizes who and what she really is, the real fight begins.
As long as she can sift through the liesâ?¦


The Depths of Memory Trilogy in a set in a future where humans have fled Earth and struggle to colonize new worlds and prove their worth to the alien consortium known as the Hegemony. Beyond the colonist’s day-to-day struggles, they face a devastating plague which requires extreme and constant vigilance. Faced with internal and external threats, how far will the colonists be willing to go to save not just their colony, but humanity itself?

The Depths of Memory Trilogy is a sci-fi/fantasy series. Book one ends with a cliffhanger which is resolved in book two (which does not have a cliffhanger).


by Mlages Bel



by Fernando Salazar

Reignal Maigntar, Falcon Knight and Lord of Tul, was troubled. The source of his uncertainty eluded him, and even in the refined surroundings of his castle Grey Hallet, filled with the treasures and trophies of Falcon Knights past, and staffed entirely by women, he could find no answers. Various diversions -martial training, music and drama, even contemplating the lifetime of the weakening sun – all fail to dispel his feeling of emptiness.

Till one evening, when mysterious lights atop a distant mountain, a comic pastiche, and a sinister stranger set Reignal upon a quest that will take him to another world out of time, pit him against an immortal sorcerer, try his body and spirit against gruesome monsters, and bring him face to face with the unlikely secret to his adversary’s power.

TREYAVIR is Reignal’s story, an epic fantasy in classic style, first in the series The Shattered Scepter.

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