Free fiction Kindle books for 12 Jun 18

Pick Me Blues (The KoKo Series Book 5)

by Bien-Aime Wenda

Book #5 of the Koko series.

Love is in the air as Ivonka Roux, Koreen Wilson, Desiree Loren, and Isaac Charles all reunite for the wedding of the century.

Humanity’s Death: A Zombie Epic Complete Triology

by D.S. Black

Warning: This book contains graphic violence not suited for the weak of heart.


THE NEW YORK TIMESâ??A virus is ravaging the country. People are falling over, reanimating and eating the flesh from anyone they see. There is speculation of a worldwide pandemic. Some experts are suggesting a superbug may have been spawned by the Ebola vaccination.

NEW YORK POSTâ??Hailed as a miracle cure, the vaccine promised to rid humanity of Ebolaâ?¦early reports suggest that the outbreak originated in Africa, where the vaccine was first used.

REUTERSâ??The situation is growing worse. Early estimates suggest that millions are already infected. The CDC suggests staying home, locking your doors and watching your television for emergency channel updates. Intelligence sources claim the Russians may have conducted experimentsâ?¦

THE YOUNG TURKSâ??If you have been infected or know someone who has been infected, please blow their fucking heads off.

INFOWARSâ??The elite created a virus that kills off eighty percent of the population.

THE GUARDIAN: The President is dead. Mass sightings of paranormal activity reported.

There were no more headlines.

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