Free humour Kindle books for 12 Jun 18

Truth or Dare: Passion|Life|Love

by Arvindh Manoharan

A Reader lives a thousand lives before he dies.
And for all those readers..
This is Abhyudaya, neither a writer nor a philosopher.
While my story is neither a full fledged love story, nor a fiction.
It is a pure realistic life of an indian guy from his teenage till his adulthood.
India has more than 50% of its population below the age of 25.
So the pain of abhyudaya reflects the half of nation’s pain.
For those who couldnt visualise, Just try to Feel the Pain and Love.
Thank You.

Life is EASY, Life is Fun

by God

“What if one book can heal our world?”

Nino learns over the course one really funny day to free himself and entering heaven on earth, being feelingly at Samadhi.

Uplight yourself with his experiences and start creating your ideal life NOW.

The Sub-Contract

by John Philpott

Dylan Perry is an odd type of hypochondriac.

He would rather arrange his own suicide by a hired hit man than bravely battle a cancer diagnosis.

Yet such is the nature of hapless Dylan’s obstacle-strewn life that a sudden change of heart over this sub-contract with death can’t stop the would-be paid assassin from trying to seal the deal.

In a mad-cap chase, Dylan is forced to dodge his deadly pursuer by car, train, plane and even tandem-bike, embroiling him ever more deeply into a complex web of colourful characters, geo-political intrigue and the dark machinations of international intelligence agencies, not to mention local residents’ associations, neighbourhood watch officers and community choirs.

Can he evade the clutches of all those who want to see the back of him – and escape with whatever sanity he actually possesses intact?

It’s All About The Money

by Nick Comer

Six close friends, all from University, graduate and begin life working in the real world only to find out how repetitive corporate life can be. After climbing the business ladder for 2 years, Lee decides enough is enough and comes up with a list of 6 tasks that if all completed will make them a cool £1million within 12 months. Everyone agrees to Lee’s plan after a bit of persuading, and the chase is on! The screenplay follows the 6 friends trying to become millionaires, and the inevitable situations that happen. The stories that happen along the way make the plot funny, exciting, explosive, realistic and romantic – and throughout the year Lee has been cleverly conducting business of everyone and everything that has occurred……..

written in screenplay format

Epic Birthday Jokes: Birthday jokes (silly memes jokes Book 10)

by Freddie Lutz

This Epic Birthday jokes
is a book or a gift for someone you love
with many of jokes birthday related.
the reader will have fun while reading it
Have a good time!!

Corporate Lobotomies: Astounding Bureaucratic Adventures, Volume 1

by Stephen Donald Huff

Corporate lobotomies. Psychotically amorous semi-sentient bots. Endless corridors. Countless unlabeled doors, all viciously locked. A lethally dysfunctional social infrastructure rife with corruption, inefficiency, and crime. Spiraling homicide ratesâ?¦

Welcome to your corpulent, overpopulated future! Here, everyone loves you, because everyone wants to screw you before they sell your living body to illegal pharmaceutical tumor-farms, which are also a popular method of suicide, because death-by-tumor is not as bad as many (though it is also worse than some).

In this world, a much-hated dumbass-of-a-scientist long ago determined the universe would always expand faster than the pace of technological advancement. The result? Every human being on the planet knows nobody will ever, ever, ever (three evers) bust free of this crappy solar system. Combine this discouraging news with an ever-lengthening lifespan, and you get fifty-billion dysfunctional, bored-out-of-their-mind psychotics with nothing better to do than fixate on you as the object of their destruction. Good luck, and have a nice day!

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