Free Kindle books for children and young adults for 12 Jun 18

Kitchen Life-hack 29 Cooking Tips Life-hack : Cooking Tips Life-hack

by Md Rafikul islam

The books Have 29 Cooking Tips for you . It will help you .

L’Arc-en-ciel de Vincent / Vincent’s Rainbow: Learn Colors with Van Gogh (French Edition)

by Oui Love Books

Van Gogh had many passions. Among them were painting-as you are no doubt awareâ??and the French language. This volume combines these two pursuits in a work that can entertain and educate parents and children alike.

Even-sided pages have the original painting, plus a sentence in each language describing the scene. On the odd-sided pages, thumbnails of the work can be found with hues separated. For instance, “Starry Night” has three thumbnails: yellow for the stars, blue for the sky, and green for the foliage.

The selection of paintings includes “Starry Night”, “Bedroom in Arles”, “The Night Café”, and more. Most of the paintings were done during Vincent’s years in France, a period that gave us the spellbinding style for which he is known to this day.

Color, language, and imagination come together in “Vincent”.

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