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Dangerous to the Touch (The Lindsey Smith Detective Series Book 1)

by Melinda Craig

She’s got a secret, but it’s her job to find out yours.

Lindsey’s past may haunt her dreams, but during the day she’s an unstoppable force. Besides, working a regular 9-5 just wasn’t going to pan out…and a girl’s gotta eat. Solving tough cases is her specialty. Not to mention, it’s an excellent distraction from the bum cards life dealt her. Still, getting the word out and finding new clients is tricky. Lindsey needs to fuel her coffee addiction somehow.

When Mr. Cade calls her out of the blue and offers a deal a little too good to be true, how could she say no? All she needs is one touch and she’s bound to solve this mystery. Of course, the downfall is the handsome detective that her new client insists she work with. Lindsey certainly doesn’t need any help and has no desire to share her commission. But, what the boss wants, the boss gets. She’s smart, resilient, and living on coffee. Now all she needs is her next check.

This is the first novelette in The Lindsey Smith Detective Series. If you enjoy cozy mysteries with a touch of paranormal, suspense, and let’s not forget humor–then this is for you!

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