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Narcissism: 3 books in 1 ( Narcissistic Personality Disorder, Narcissistic Abuse and Recovery & Narcissisistic Parenting)

by Jennifer P. Hayes

Book 1: Understanding & Managing Narcissistic Personality Disorder In Your World

Narcissistic personality disorder is self-obsession to the point of delusion resulting in the decline of the mental, emotional, and physical health of those around the individual. For this reason, it’s necessary that you’re able to identify what narcissistic personality disorder is, who is most at risk for it, what the symptoms of this disorder are, and what treatment options are available.

This book intends to give you all of that and more. The last chapter will also outline a day in the life of a narcissist as well as a day in the life with a narcissist so that you may better recognize your personal situation, as well as have a better sense of empathy for the people who have to cope with narcissism on a daily basis.

Book 2: Narcissistic Abuse & Recovery

Many suffer from narcissistic personality disorder. An even more unfortunate truth is that sometimes, this disease serves as the foundation for a lot of negative interactions within a relationship, sometimes even causing the whole thing to sour or causing the narcissistic partner to become abusive.

Narcissistic personality disorder is, essentially, an obsession with oneself that’s so intense that it starts to affect one’s general manner of living. It can bleed far past a simple obsession with the self to an intense need for adoration and validation, a need for people to obey, grandiose delusions about oneself and one’s various connections in life, and far more.

The purpose of this book is to outline this disorder, help you identify it in somebody else, identify if your relationship is abusive, and know the ways to get out of said relationship. It also will set you up with everything that you need resource wise so that you feel ready to tackle the massive step of gaining independence from somebody who is abusive, as well as developing coping mechanisms to help ease tension and weight on you if you aren’t quite able to leave yet.

Book 3: Narcissistic Parenting

Nobody deserves to deal with narcissistic parents. They can do an absolute number to somebody’s psyche and their general sense of self-worth and agency. However, it’s not always easy to know the path forward when you’re in a situation where the people who are supposed to love you unconditionally are blatantly narcissistic.

This book aims to be an important point of support for those who are dealing with narcissistic parents. Inside, you’ll find a lot of pertinent information concerning things like:

-What narcissism is, its history, and what causes it

-What causes narcissistic parents to act so callously toward their children

-The motivations of the narcissist

-How to deal with your narcissistic parents

-What to do if you can’t cut contact with your narcissistic parents

-How to start the healing process and get on the path to being a better and healthier you

And far more. Having narcissistic parents is a horrible situation to be in, but if you’re needing a reference that will help you understand how to get out of the situation you’re in or even to cope with and make the best of it, there isn’t a better resource on the market than this book.

The Magic in a Dress

by Linda Schmalz

Growing up is a confusing time, but some lessons are learned best by watching the ones closest to us. In this sweet and funny, yet sentimental short story, a young girl learns that rewards come not in the love we are given, but by the love we offer to each other through actions and deeds. And this emotional journey begins with “The Magic in a Dress”.

Empathy and emotional investment


Empathy means the ability to look at situations from the other person’s point of view. It is perhaps the biggest virtue that life can gift to any human being. Very few people are truly empathetic, and women fare better than men in demonstrating empathy.
Emotional investment means that someone cares so deeply for you that she or he can go to any extent to ensure your well-being. You can be emotionally invested in others and others too can be emotionally invested in you. Emotional investment differs from emotional attachment. Investment doesn’t dilute your ability to differentiate the right from the wrong, while attachment does.

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