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DIY PrepperĂ¢??s Projects: Best Homemade Survival Projects

by Henry Booth

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DIY Prepper’s Projects: Best Homemade Survival Projects

Welcome to Homemade Projects for Survival, a D.I.Y. book designed to help you survive some of the most difficult situations in the world and prepare for those situations in a “just in case” environment. With the world in a hammock of chaotic feelings, preparing for the worst has become the norm but most who want to prepare for the worst simply don’t know where to start, which is where this book comes into play. From body army, home security, and even portable gardens, this book is designed to cover a wide area of protections and understand how these protections work so the concepts can be applied to other issues.

In the first chapter, we’ll go over how you can fortify your home and increase the security of your safe place, which means we’ll go over:

  • How you can use a door stopper to prevent common burglaries
  • Ways to prevent clever thieves from taking your door off
  • Create a barrier to help prevent the more belligerent enemies

In the second and third chapters, we’ll go over how to can easily siphon gas and create a portable garden that you can take with you. While it is important to understand how to survive out in the wilderness, understanding how to come out on top when civilization falls is a less talked about approach to surviving. This is why we discuss topics such as why using urine and water with gas is a myth and how to efficiently grow crops in such a hostile environment.

In the last chapter, we’ll go over how you can defend yourself and we’ll go over:

  • How to build an arm shield
  • How to build a riot shield
  • What shields should really be used for

This is a book on how to help you survive, not a book that will regurgitate what you can already find on the internet.

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