Free science fiction Kindle books for 12 Jun 18


by Perrin Briar

Not all heroes dwell in the light.

Alex comes to terms with the death of his mother after she was brutally murdered by a demon. He has become the Seer, endowed with superhuman powers to keep the demons at bay and save the human race.

He sees demons everywhere. Are they real? Or are they simply things he’s imagining?

ORIGIN: Episode One

by Merik Martin Pelletier

Lianna is a successful blogger and journalist who while on an assignment, researching the phenomenon of UFO convention, on Catalina Island, accompanied by her two best friends, Mary, and Raymond, come face to face with the real deal… Aliens! This encounter propels the trio within a series of events that will forever change their lives and even the fate of humanity.

A Democracy Fallen (Second American Civil War Book 1)

by Matthew Savage

The United States has been rattled by the assassination of the President. An authoritarian regime begins to take hold of the country. The citizens find themselves powerless to defy this radical change, save a small pocket of resistance.Twins, Sarah and Nolan Hunter are still reeling from the recent loss of their mother when they stumble upon information that leads them on an unexpected and dangerous journey. Everything they once knew about their country will be called into question… If one thing is certain, the Hunter twins are now living in a very different America.

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