Free fantasy Kindle books for 13 Jun 18

New Beginnings (Others of Edenton)

by Brandy L Rivers

Sometimes to move forward you need to seek a new beginning.

As a psychic, Jess Abrams knew pack life would fall into a downward spiral if she stayed after a drunken mistake. Her alpha was never going to sell her the bar she’d managed for years, and sleeping with him only ensured he would treat her worse. Taking life by the reins, she decides on a fresh start.

Edenton’s Alpha is more than happy to sell the vacant bar to the new werewolf. Years ago Slater lost his first mate. Now he avoids dating his wolves to prevent possible heartache.

Their attraction is unexpected and the last thing either wants. Resisting their obvious connection may prove impossible.

There’s a problem. Someone is plotting against Slater, wanting to take the pack for himself. He’ll use anything, or anyone, to achieve his goal.

Cruel Monsters

by Daniella Wright

Cruel Monsters: A Collection Of Four Super-Steamy Alien Abduction Novellas

BE ADVISED: This is an over-the-top dark, thrilling read; not intended for the faint of heart.

“The collar is to keep you from straying too far. It has a tracking device embedded as well. If you would follow me,” he says, his words amicable but his tone leaving no room for argument. I hesitate before dropping my head. I trail obediently after him, relieved at least to be allowed to walk on my own two feet.

“Where are you taking me?” I inquire softly, and he hesitates for the briefest of moments.

“To my home. The council wanted to kill you, but I argued that would be a wasteful notion. I’ve been entrusted with the duty of watching you until the council decides what your fate will be,” he says brusquelyâ?¦



Chained to the Monster
Trapped with a Monster
Penetrated By A Monster
Too Dirty For The Princes

Each book is a 15,000-words stand-alone story â??perfect for an evening read. No cliffhangers and no cheating. Intended for 18+ readers only.

When We Were Kings (The Wolf of Oberhame Book 1)

by Auryn Hadley

Tossed into the gladiator arena, everyone expected the delicate girl in the fancy pink dress to be the first to die. Leyli had other plans. Surviving was at the top of her list. Revenge was a close second.

Having grown up behind the sheltered walls of the Oberhame Palace, she knew what the crowd wanted. Norihame had built their culture from the scraps of their neighbors. Gladiators were just one part. Evidently, political coups were another, and she’d just become a pawn in the games of men. But why was she still alive? They’d killed her brother, the heir to the throne. Had they gotten to her father? Was the king dead?

In the cell beside her, the Lion of Lenlochlien was impressed. The first day, they all cried. Men, women, it didn’t matter. But this one was different. Her tears didn’t slow her down, they just made her stronger, and when he looked in her eyes, he saw it. Her desperation was feral. It meant she wouldn’t hesitate to do what she had to. She might be cornered, but that bitch was the kind that would bite.

When he offered advice, she took it. When he told her how to be better, she tried. When she kept coming back after each round, he dared to hope that she’d survive. He had no idea that he was about to become her best weapon. Leyli didn’t just want to live through the games, she wanted to protect her father’s throne, but to do that, she had to become someone else. She couldn’t be the Princess of Norihame. The Lion had to make her a Wolf.

Chained side by side, he’ll show her how to be a killer. She’ll give him a reason to keep fighting. Together, they’ll learn that it takes a friend to survive.

**When We Were Kings is a complete novel without a cliffhanger ending.**

Deadly Fixation: Belador series

by Dianna Love

“I adore the city of Savannah . . . but this story reveals a side of it I’ve never explored! With incredible imagery, Love has created not just another Savannah, but another world.”
~~ #1 New York Times bestseller Sandra Brown

As a Belador, Devon Fortier patrols Savannah, GA for preternatural predators and stumbles on troll dealing illegal black majik. Devon is ready to round up the criminals and haul them in, but a long-legged bounty hunting distraction from his past by the name of Joleen steps in and turns the tables on him. Now, the two have to work together in spite of opposing goals neither is willing to bend on.

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