Free horror Kindle books for 13 Jun 18

Jessica Burdell: Tales From the Rails #1

by Jessica Burdell

Jessica Jacklyn Burdell, known mainly and formidably by her official monikers, Samantha Komodo and “Cheezi D”, is a Mountain Lion and American author, poet and songwriter.
She has been writing series of more than many fiction/action/thriller series
book since the tender cub age of five; with her most famous hits apparently
being “Lone Wolves” and her most recently self published, all anti-villain
main cast crime drama saga, “Lobo Thunder/The Hystericals”. So far, her
current writing ambitions include writing to express not only her
own physical emotions into her works, but also those maybe of other animal
beings around her in the world as well.

I Love Her But: A Tale of Love and Sacrifice

by John Nathan

This book tells a story of a young man who finds himself reincarnated for a short while so he could find redemption and ascend into the realm of eternal rest.

But the twist is, he gets entangled with the love of his past life; Demilade which births consequences for breaching the terms of his reincarnation.

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