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Homeschooling: You CAN Do It!: Eliminate self-doubt and get the clarity, confidence, and skills you need to successfully teach your children from home

by Kirsten McTernan

Do you like the idea of homeschooling but doubt your ability to do it? Are you curious about homeschooling but want to have an inside look into what is actually entailed before jumping in? Are you currently homeschooling but feel desperate to have your days run smoother?If you’ve ever felt like you’re not patient enough, not organized enough, not creative enough to homeschool, or fear “messing up your kids” this book is for you. Jam-packed with insightful, easy-to-digest homeschool content, this book will solve these quandaries and more.
Homeschooling: You CAN Do It! answers your burning homeschool questions while giving you practical help in a new and easy-to-implement way. It is a reliable and relatable source that will take you step-by-step through the decision-making process and show how you can successfully homeschool your child at any age. It’s filled with tried-and-tested homeschool hacks, easy-to-follow action steps, personal stories, and valuable homeschool resources–all in a style that will speak straight to your heart. Prepare to make an informed decision that is best for your family, greatly enhance your experience as a home educator, and be empowered to live your homeschool adventure to the fullest!

What you’ll discover from reading this book:

  • Why the author decided to homeschool, after thinking she’d never do it
  • You don’t need to be a supermom to homeschool
  • Homeschool myths debunked
  • Homeschooled kids are some of the most socialized children out there
  • It can be done at any point, and you’ll learn how
  • Simple strategies for selecting curriculum, planning, and other practical skills
  • The freedom your family will gain through homeschooling and other added benefits
  • Why college institutions like MIT are seeking out homeschoolers for admittance
  • Ways to educate your children on a limited income
  • Creative ideas and resources you and your children will love
  • How you can successfully homeschool as a single parent
  • How to bring out the best in each of your children
  • That some of the world’s greatest leaders were home educated
  • and more!

Follow the advice and action steps in this book, and you will be able to quickly determine a plan that’s best for your family and reap the results of a meaningful, flexible, and successful homeschool.

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How to Analyze People: The #1 Analyst Guide to Human Behavior, Body Language, Personality Types and effectively Reading People (Instantly uncover what people think and feel just by observing them)

by Patrick Lightman

This is the #1 analyst guide to learn how to effectively read people.

Do you often find yourself in socially awkward situations – not knowing what to say?
Do you struggle to convince your boss to get what you want?
Did you sometimes realize in retrospect that you’ve been manipulated by somebody?
Do you sometimes struggle to understand why your partner is mad at you?

Many people suffer from the these problems – day in, day out. In so many social situation we just can’t figure out what the others reallywanted to say or how we could connect on a deeper level with them. The problem is that many tends to only listen to what they say but don’t analyze the full picture.

But don’t worry. There is a way out. This guide will teach you exactly how to become a master in effectively reading other people. You’ll learn how to extract what they really want to say – and sometimes you will even know before they know it by themselves.

In this analyst guide you will learn:

  • Why people behave in fixed patterns and how to decode these patterns
  • How to analyze body language and listen to the voice to detect emotional states and lies
  • How to read people through their personality types
  • How to uncover what people think through their choice of words
  • How to quickly identify personality types and uncover their motives

If you struggle with social situation and nothing really seemed to help, then this book is for you. This book is a comprehensive step-by-step guide written in plain English. So stop procrastinating and get your hands on this amazing guide.

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Notes from a Developing Dad: The Laughs, Loves, Learnings and Losses of a Well Meaning but Overmatched Man.

by Joe Medler

Follow along with me as I fumble through the first few years of fatherhood in real time. A father to two young boys I’ve been documenting the transformations, the stumbles, the minor successes that resonate like world changing victories and the hysterical fails that remind me that children are literally made to survive our shortcomings. Hell, they can even thrive in the face of them.
Before becoming a dad I had no idea how it would change me. I tended to think of it all as what I’d be losing. Sure, I was excited to meet my kids, but I was worried about a life choice that would alter every moment of the rest of my life. So when my first arrived and I fell in love with him, I knew it was time to strap in for a crazy ass ride.
There are moments early on when it’s all so much that your walls come down and there’s beauty, unbelievable love and sheer terror all around at all times. I knew I had to write it out. I didn’t want to ever lose these moments to time and future priorities. So I did, I wrote it out. In personal essays documenting my changes, their changes and our changes. Some is funny as hell, some is heartbreakingly tender and some is sharply observant. All of it is written with candor and love. I hope you enjoy it and thank you for taking the time to be here, now.

LEMON for Lovers: How to love the LEMONs in your life

by Brett Johnson

LEMON for Lovers provides valuable insights on how to understand, communicate with, and relate to the “significant others” in your life, including your spouse and children. It is a complement to LEMON Leadership, also by Brett Johnson, and, together with the online LEMON for Lovers assessment, provides valuable insights on how to strengthen relationships.

The boy with ragged pants: In the world of garbage

by Mito bessalel

This book describe the relation between an 8 years old boy born in a dump and a man who try to help him.

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