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Universal Kabbalah: The Secret Doctrine Illuminated

by Laith Doory

The Secret Doctrine Illuminated

Its detractors often associate kabbalah with Luciferianism or the so-called synagogue of Satan, but such occult wisdom in itself is not intrinsically evil, though it may be abused by the unscrupulous. Moreover, it is always useful to have a handle on one’s enemies in order to have an understanding of how they operate. An arch-manipulator can only deceive the gullible and the unwary.

Central to an understanding of kabbalah is the tree of life glyph, which is a basic map of the universal mind of which we are all sparks. Thus kabbalah has a universal application, not only to every religion, but also to science, psychology and every ideology.

This is not a book that promotes mysticism. Far from it: the purpose of this book is to demystify that which has been held as arcane for thousands of years. However, the tree of life opens a window onto the human soul that some may find uncomfortable.

Please Take a Look Inside

Leaving Fear in 40 Days – The Power of Choice: How to leave the Darkness and move into the Light

by Sven Oliver Heck

The ultimate guide to mental and emotional freedom

Leaving Fear in 40 Days – The Power of Choice is a powerful guide and energizing tool book to help you realize that your fears and anxiety are an illusion.

Understanding the simple concept of fear and anxiety primarily as an energetic state, a state of consciousness you will learn simple yet profound ideas about shifting your distorted beliefs and irrational emotion into freedom, serenity and strength.

Working as a transpersonal Therapist, holistic Coach, Energy Healer and Spiritual Mentor, Sven Oliver Heck compiled this effective and helpful guide out of hundreds of hours work with clients and patients facing fears, anxiety, depression and uncertainty.

Advanced holistic techniques that will transform anxiety and fear into strength and clarity

Leaving Fear in 40 Days is a powerful holistic tool to transform your fears and anxiety into clarity, serenity and strength. Using advanced energetic techniques and effective mind-processing this tool-book works on the physical, emotional, mental and energetic levels to help you stabilize, brighten up and transform the dark areas of your Life.

Use the power of your mind and learn how to cope with fear and how to stop anxiety

This book works in combination with the free “Leaving Fear – The Power of Choice” neuro-tool meditation. Using the advanced techniques of the guided visualization is a simple and powerful way of disconnecting from negative repeating sensations, moods, emotions and looping thought-cycles. Based on latest neuroscientific research, brainwave enhancement, mind re-programming, transpersonal psychology, hypnotherapy, holistic alignment, mindfulness practices and energy-work this meditation is the result of 10 years of therapeutic work with trauma, fear and anxiety-based symptoms and anxiety disorders.

Leaving Fear in 40 Days is a powerful invitation to a free life without fear and anxiety

To see anxiety as an ally and using advanced mindsets to explore your fears you will see that this guide is not an ordinary anxiety relief book. Learning to shift your mental programming and judgements about your fears and anxiety gives you the power to overcome the negative social side-effects and the frustration about living in fear and anxiety.

Break the loop and end the negative pattern

Leaving Fear in 40 Days helps you to stop anxiety from stopping you. You reclaim your power and your freedom by making the choice for a life beyond panic attacks and suffering,

Overcoming fear, anxiety and panic attacks now

If you are ready for a shift in your life, going beyond fear and anxiety this book will be the right companion. Open Mindedness and your natural ability to overcome fear are the fundamental essence of a life that is free from fear and anxiety.

It is your Choice to move from Darkness into the Light

The Workings of Karma: with Answers to Questions (Introduction to Anthroposophy Book 8)

by Rudolf Steiner

These pieces were first published in Steiner’s magazine Lucifer-Gnosis in December 1903. They are little gems that are buried in that untranslated volume. Only in his Karma lectures of 1924 does Steiner surpass the clarity and subtlety of these early essays. The overarching metaphor is that sleep is a little death. But soon it becomes clear that this is more than a metaphor, and even more than a particularly apt metaphor. Rather, the relationship is real, and more like a fractal: it is the same thing recapitulated on different scales. Another controlling analogy is between memory and the soul. Here, too, the relationship is more than metaphorical: it is real. It is memory that forms the continuity of consciousness from one day to the next, and it is also the “remnant of memory” that persists and is transformed between incarnations. Steiner comes up with some extremely memorable comparisons. For example, he writes that “we should not imagine the law of karma to be like a normal judge, or like the state system of justice,: claiming that would be like imagining God as an old man with a white beard. Surprising, perhaps, is the powerful note of freedom Steiner sounds at the end of the essay. Indeed, viewed in the largest possible perspective, karma is a means to the furtherance of human freedom. This is a seeming paradox that bears much contemplation. Steiner directly answers a number of the most salient questions regarding reincarnation and karma in the final section. Altogether, I find this an extremely satisfying beginning of the path leading through reincarnation and karma.

FOCUS: Five Critical Areas of Spiritual Growth For Christians and Churches

by Jay McCaig

One of the greatest problems Christians face today is where to focus their time and energy. Many Christians jump from one cause or program to another, never quite feeling fulfilled or satisfied in their Christian life. In the book FOCUS, Pastor Jay McCaig leads us through five areas of spiritual growth that every Christian and church must understand if they are ever going to turn the world upside down for Christ.

Freedom – As Christians, we have a level of freedom that is beyond anything that any government or institution can provide. Are you living in bondage or living in the freedom given by Jesus Christ? Do you have the abundant life God promised in His Word?

Others – The Christian life was always meant to be a life of giving and helping others. Where do we start? How far can we go?

The Cross – Everything changed on that simple wooden cross of Calvary. Learn how the events of more than 2000 years ago still impact the world today, and how those events can directly change you.

Understanding – God desires not only to know you, but also for you to know Him. Learn how he reveals himself to you today and how you can personally know and understand your creator.

Salvation – Why did Jesus come to Earth? Would a good and loving God ever send someone to Hell? Can we lose our salvation?

In the pages of FOCUS you will find a better understanding of and gain confidence in all five of these critical areas of your Christian life.

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