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CBD Oil for Pain Relief: 2 Manuscripts – How to Remedy Physical Pain & Anxiety Naturally in a Safe, Natural Way

by Lauren Marshall

Unlock the thousand year old secret of natural, non-toxic pain reliefâ?¦

60,000 Americans will die from opioid overdoses this year.

So it’s no wonder that more and more people are searching for a non-toxic alternative to these nasty drugs.

A natural solution to physical and mental pain – without side effects

That’s where CBD Oil comes in.

Unlike marijuana, CBD Oil does not contain any THC, the psychoactive compound of the cannabis plant.

So you won’t get high while using it

Or if you’re suffering from ailments like arthritis, chronic pain or anxiety – and are looking for an alternative solution, then CBD Oil could well be your answer.

Just look at some recent research results from reputed scientific journals

Arthritis – researchers for the European Journal of Pain found that CBD gel helped reduce inflammation

Chronic Pain – Researchers in the Journal of Experimental Medicine noted that CBD could be a useful treatment for chronic pain sufferers

Insomnia – A review in Current Psychiatry found that CBD has therapeutic potential for treating insomnia

Anxiety – CBD Oil also has benefits for relieving stress and anxiety

If you’re worried about the legality, you needn’t be – CBD Oil is now legal for medical use in 46 states (all except Idaho, Kansas, Nebraska and South Dakota)

In this book you wil discover:

  • The real reason why Big Pharma hates Hemp Oil & CBD
  • How Bill Clinton set the alternative medicine industry back 15 years
  • Hemp’s relationship with the US public (it didn’t always used to have this stigma)
  • The fundamental differences between Marijuana and Hemp (the pharmaceutical industry spend millions every year trying to keep this a secret)
  • The real answer to the question “Will I get high from Hemp or CBD oil?”
  • How this Michigan Mom used CBD oil to curb her son’s anxiety attacks (she too, used to mistakingly believe CBD was the same as marijuana)
  • Why Rick Simpson isn’t the only person to use CBD oil to cure their cancer
  • How this retired NFL player uses CBD oil to improve his quality of life
  • How you can legally make your own CBD oil at home (saving big bucks in the process)
  • â?¦Plus a free bonus book detailing the health benefits of essential oils including:

  • How to use essential oils in your Reiki practice
  • The startling sexual benefits of essential oils
  • Which oil to use to increase focus and concentration
  • â?¦and much, much more!

    The book also includes a list of appropriate CBD doses for various ailments. Plus CBD success stories from those who have used the oil to cure ailments for themselves and their families.

    Leading to a marked improvement in their quality of life.

    So if you’re intrigued and want to discover more about the incredible benefits everyone from professional athletes to 80 year old grandmothers, are getting from CBD Oilâ?¦

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    Beekeeping: The Beekeepers Handbook for Learning All About Beekeeping Using the Best Strategies to Get You Started (Including How to Use the Top Bar Hive)

    by DSM Publishing

    Always Wanted to Know About Beekeeping and How To Become A Beekeeper ?!

    This Book Has Everything You Need to Kickstarting Your Very Own Beekeeping Journey!

    Bees are a very important part of nature as they help to keep the ecological balance alive. Without them, pollination wouldn’t be possible, and flowers and plants wouldn’t grow, and you can only imagine how the world would be if that ever happens!

    Also, Bees make honey, and there are lots of people who enjoy honey! There are also a lot of other things that bees can doâ??and you will learn more about them later!

    With the help of this book, you’d be able to start your own Beekeeping Businessâ??and learn how to take care of bees the right way!

    What are you waiting for? Read this book now and find out how!


    What Are You Going to Learn?:

    • Why You Should Keep Bees
    • Beekeeping Equipment
    • Where to Get Bees
    • What to Keep in Mind
    • Type of Hives
    • Building Your First Beehive
    • Collecting Honey
    • Common Mistakes and How to Avoid Them
    • …And Much More!

    So, Are You Ready to Become The Pro Beekeeper?

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    Curing Mental Illness: The Cause and Recovery Process

    by Len Losik Ph.D

    Curing Mental Illness is the result from the research completed by the author for the Canadian Space Agency’s Predictive Medicine Program in cooperation with the Russian Cosmonauts in 2012 and 2013 to determine if the author could use his company’s technology to predict which astronauts in training would become mentally ill on a deep space mission lasting several years. An edited copy by the CSA of the results of the author’s research were published at the 2013 IEEE/AIAA Aerospace Conference held in Big Sky Montana for the CSA’s Predictive Medicine Program personnel and subsequently the full results were submitted to NASA Headquarters in 2013 and published on-line for public access in the American Journal of Applied Psychology. Curing Mental Illness provides a complete program for acquiring emotional and mental illnesses as well as recovering from emotional and mental disorders such as depression, anxiety, OCD, through bi-polar or schizophrenia. The author includes the description of why and how these are acquired by people and how they are nothing more than our own body’s defensive process trying to get us safe and keep us safe from our own life threatening decisions and lifestyle. Curing Mental Illness includes two massive reference sections and excerpts in the body of the text from members of the existing and past mental health community members and their professional opinions that the author has refuted with his own research results at the beginning of the book. The author also includes both the authors results to answers to common questions left unanswered by the current mental health community and many sections of current inadequate material published about emotional and mental disorders for comparing with the authors results. The author hopes this book will initiate a new direction in developing faster recovery programs that are quicker than the one proposed by the author as well as a new effort for pharmaceutical companies to develop the drugs to suppress our fight-or-flight response (FOFR) that the author has illustrated is the root cause of both emotional and mental disorders as well as all non-genetic based disorders, diseases and illnesses.

    Lovely Cow Socute and amazing: Photo book of cow around the world for children education and learning (farm animals 3)

    by Vanessa Williams

    94 images for the variety of cows and bulls that you may enjoy.

    Also suitable for children learning and education.
    Life and nature that you will never miss.
    Have fun with full-size images and full color.
    Seniors may also enjoy the photo books.
    Photo books can be a wonderful gift option. It is affordable and can be personalized to a great extent.

    Homemade Cleaners: 50 Recipes for Bathroom, Kitchen And for Personal Use: (Natural Cleaners, Homemade Cleaning Products)

    by Stella Stevens

    Getting Your FREE Bonus

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    Homemade Cleaners: 50 Recipes for Bathroom, Kitchen And for Personal Use

    Forget about chemical cleaners because there are numerous green products available for cleaning. There are some healthy recipes that can be good for your children. Toxic chemicals in commercial cleaners can spoil your health, environment of your house and other problems. If you want to protect your health, it is essential to avoid chemical cleaners and use green products. These are good for your overall health and reduce your expenses. Vinegar, lemon juice, vodka, baking soda and various other ingredients are normally available in every kitchen. You can buy them from grocery stores at cheap rates. This book has 50 cleaning products that all are prepared with natural ingredients. You can follow these recipes and improve the environment of your house. You should buy gloves and protective gears to make these cleaners at home. This book will offer:

    • DIY Natural Cleaning Recipes
    • Cleaning Products for Laundry Room
    • Homemade Kitchen Cleaning Products
    • Cleaning Products for Personal Use
    • DIY Recipes for Bathroom

    Download this book and try all these recipes given for your help. You should try them and throw away chemical cleaners that are spoiling the environment of your house.

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