Free war Kindle books for 13 Jun 18


by Eric Ellert

By the end of 1939, Ron Westri’s, war is over, when he’s asked to escort a young French woman, named Rebeca, Bex for short, no names please, to England. On arrival, she convinces Ron to help her find her mother, a fading actress drying out in the country side. The closer they get to her, the more people want them dead. When Ron learns that the lady in question has secrets the Royals would kill for, he throws it all away, and he and Bex lead any lookers in the shadows away. But it never really mattered, all along the secret was Bex, a secret the Allies and Axis leaders want to know. If Ron unravels Bex’ history, they’ll kill her, but if he does not, he’s pretty sure, she’s going to kill him. Bloody Bex is the heir to four thrones of Europe, and for that she’s doomed.

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