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How To Make Money On Facebook: The Ultimate Guide To Dominate Facebook For Beginners With No Experience

by Shane R. Miller

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Are you someone who tends to waste a major portion of their day doing nothing? Are you free and looking for ways to make money? Are you interested in simply working on Facebook and generating money by just following a few easy methods? Then you have found the right book! This is the book that will guide you through all the steps of making money on Facebook which are not only made easy for the readers but also very useful. This book starts from the basic steps of introducing what Facebook is. If you are new to social websites, then you don’t need to worry anymore. This book starts from the very basic and primary steps such as how to make a Facebook account to help readers who are not so familiar with social networking sites. It tells you the different ways through which you can expand your circle and generate money. Each chapter gives you a step by step description of everything that you need to know. Just by reading the first few chapters you will feel that you have found the right book that can tell you how you can make money on Facebook. It gives you tips, tricks and methods that can help you generate better amounts of money through Facebook. It consists of the following chapters:
Chapter 1 – An introduction to Facebook aka FB
Chapter 2 – How to operate?
Chapter 3 – Using features
Chapter 4 – The Basic of money making
Chapter 5 – Tips for making money
Chapter 6 – Making money by different methods
Chapter 7 – Benefits and advantages of Facebook

Viral Leadership: Seize the Power of Now to Create Lasting Transformation in Business

by Richard Nongard

“Dr. Nongard shares great insights around viral leadership and how a simple idea, like our DoubleTree by Hilton cookie, can truly transform a business.”
â?? Chris Nassetta, President & CEO, Hilton Worldwide Holdings, Inc.

“Richard’s beliefs and approach to leadership are true and simple…leaders serve others with authentic direction.”
â?? Randy Dobbs, Former CEO and President, GE Capital – Information Technology Solutions

If you miss the power of now, you could be missing out on recognition and fortune. History is filled with opportunities lost by leaders who missed the moment.
But some leaders have parleyed the moment into sustaining fortune and success. What makes the difference? Viral Leadership – the ability to translate the power of now into something that creates lasting transformation in business.
The authors of this book share personal experiences and insights that have propelled them to long-term success, and share enlightening stories from the world of business to inspire you to take the lead in any situation. The ideas in this book are actionable, and the stories are peppered with insights for action that can bring leadership to every level of an organization.
Viral Leadership is lasting and creates a legacy of related ideas, projects, and solutions. These innovative ideas are sustainable and can even transform far beyond their original purpose. In this book, you will master the actionable strategies in the Four Quadrants of Viral Leadership and harness the power of now to create lasting change.
There are two distinct themes you are going to notice throughout this book. First, that business is perhaps one of the most magnificent creations of all time. And second, that effective leadership is viral in nature. Viral Leadership ignites others, it creates innovation, and it continues to build upon itself. It creates a culture of engagement, not just among the executive, but at every level.
This book has been endorsed by some of the top CEO’s of our time, and the ideas in this book have been used by companies across America through training’s and keynote speeches.
Viral Leadership is your pathway to seizing the moment, and potentially impacting billions of people with something that changes every aspect of life. Viral Leadership is important because it produces true freedom. It frees a leader from being the sole source of power and from being reliant on their own, limited resources.
The biggest takeaway is the value of connection. It’s one thing to lead, it’s another thing for your leadership go viral! You will discover how to inspire others to share your message as you read this book.
Are you ready to seize this moment? To go to the next level? Are you ready to lead others, innovate ideas, and make your mark in either a new business or well-established business? Then this is the guidebook for you and your leadership team.

The Inspiring Talk – Volume 02: Theme: To Wake-up Confidence Today

by Sanjive Kumar Sharma

“The Inspiring Talk” – a concept about practice of inspiring thoughts in the ocean of mind and preparing a confident mindset as the way of life. Based on premise that a continuous practice of confident thoughts, is way to lead by confident elevation in thinking and performance, “The Inspiring Talk” is an approach of painting thoughts with the colours of inspiration and brush it bright by restless pulse of motivation.

The winner of mind is the winner on ground and hence the practice of confidence in thoughts is pre-readiness, to demonstrate excellence in action and flag the victory on the ground. Therefore “The Inspiring Talk” is exploring a fresh thought on how to build an approach of continuous and consistent practice of confident thoughts, so as to move elevated with inspiring cloud of thoughts forever on the journey of life.

When the darkness of de-motivation is climbing on the surface of mind, inspiring thoughts would be needed, and when cloud of depression is crowding the sky of thoughts, motivated mindset will be needed. In continuation with series “Krishmatic Confidence” and “N-Light Book”, presenting herewith another innovative concept for those connected with the world of inspiration and for all those who aim nurturing and exploring fresh concepts to build confidence and boost inspiration.

A fresh thought on this track, to direct the wave of thinking and guide the flow of thoughts by observing and engaging toward inspiring thought, while withdrawing from de-motivating ones. See this an approach to connect the dots of inspiration in the world of mind and see this an approach of strengthening the army of positive thoughts in the kingdom of mind.

Inspired from stanza 08.08 from Bhagavad Gita, “The Inspiring Talk” collects precious pearls of thinking, knowledge and action. Volume 02 “To Wake-up Confidence Today” is exploring about waking up confidence by inspiring talk.

The ABC’s of Cryptocurrency: Dictionary of Terminology for the Internet of Money

by Clinton P. Jones

Cryptocurrency is gaining momentum as a store of value. The underlying technology, the blockchain, is still in its infancy and has a highly anticipated future for transparency and trust in our modern economy. Our first book in the series delves into the terminology to help you get started with talking the talk.

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