Free fantasy Kindle books for 14 Jun 18

For Whom the Bell Trolls: Hands of the Highmage, Book 1

by D.H. Aire

The fate of the world hinges on prophecies that depend on the last unicorn, a pair of trolls, and lost girls fleeing the shattering of their House.
What are two trolls supposed to do, discovering goblins are about to dine upon innocent little girls? Though, the girls find it difficult to credit, when facing goblins, brigands, Hellcats, and worse, trolls seem rather nice to have around.
Though, against the dragon? Even a fourteen foot troll and his half size companion may not be enough.
Welcome to the world of D.H. Aire’s Highmage’s Plight.

Moon Dance / Hear No Evil – Two Book Boxed Set

by J.R. Rain

The thrilling first novel in J.R. Rain’s epic vampire mystery series! For fans of Charlaine Harris, Laurell K. Hamilton and Janet Evanovich!

Six years ago, federal agent Samantha Moon was the perfect wife and mother, your typical soccer mom with the minivan and suburban home. Then the unthinkable happens, an attack that changes her life forever. And forever is a very long time for a vampire.

Now working the night shift as a private investigator, Samantha is hired by Kingsley Fulcrum to investigate the murder attempt on his life, a horrific scene captured on TV and seen around the country. However, Samantha will soon discover that Kingsley isn’t exactly who he appears to be; after all, there’s a reason why he survived five shots to the head…

As the twisty case unfolds, Samantha’s tenuous marriage begins to unravel. Her once-devoted husband is acting more and more distantâ??and coming home later and later. And just when Sam thinks life couldn’t possibly beat her up anymore, she discovers something within herself, something lying dormant, something beautiful and powerful…and waiting to burst free.

“This book, my dear readers, is mind candy. Delicious, lovely, marvelous mind candy. Addictive mind candy. A snickers bar for the soul.” â??Amazon reviewer â??â??â??â??â??

“Move over, Harry Dresdenâ??Samantha Moon is on the case. No shiny vampires here. Just Sam Moon, private eye, and her knack for seeing what others miss. Yeah, she’s a vampire, but first and foremost she is Samantha Moon. She’s a character that grabbed me from the first page and kept me engrossed until the end. The pacing is spot on, the dialog is film noir perfect, the characters rich and skillfully drawn.” â??Amazon reviewer â??â??â??â??â??

“The world of mystery writers just became richer with this talented author’s Samantha Moon series. Author J.R. Rain has developed a fearsome character, who, in spite of the vampire attack that completely rocked her world, is quite believable.” â??Amazon reviewer â??â??â??â??â??

A Beauty Among Beasts

by Melanie Gabrell

A Beauty Among Beasts is a retelling of a fairytale we all loveâ??but with a few of its own twists and turnsâ?¦

Taking place in Nazi Germany, the beautiful Anna Klein is always retreating into the forbidden books she hides under her classroom desk. But it isn’t long before she understands that she can’t escape reality forever. When an unusual opportunity to help her family sends her to work in a secluded castle outside of town, her devotion to her family leaves her with no choice but to oblige.

Anna quickly realizes the mystical castle that has become her new home remains mostly untouched by time, as does Leon, the castle’s mysterious inhabitant. When she discovers Leon’s life isn’t just lonely but cursed, Anna understands immediately that the stories of vampires who lurk in the night aren’t merely characters from her books, they are beasts living within her own town.

But these beasts are not the only monsters the Klein family must face. Anna and her family also find themselves confronting evil men who wish to tear them apart and expose their deeply-rooted family secret.

In the end, Anna is left wondering what is worseâ??the beasts of myth or that of men?

Shade of Honor: From the Federal Witch Series (Standard of Honor Series Book 1)

by Taki Drake

Bereft of their elders in magic, hired out to strangers to feed their families. Survival was a constant battle for the Russian Witches. Despised by other witches for their rigid focus on contracts, they were without a moral compass, honorless. That was not good enough for some. For the young witch, Zhanna, life was not worth living without honor – or her magic. Could she find both in her homeland? Would her desire and drive be enough to locate her shade of honor?

The Secluded Farmhouse (Karma Finds You Series Book 2)

by Zachary Byrd

Eighty acres tucked within a desolate vicinity of Birnamwood, Wisconsin, his farmhouse had been paradise. A much-needed escape relieving an abundance of stress and placing a pause on the monotony of everyday life. The crunching sound of gravel upon entering the winding driveway indicated the lengthy combination of highway and country roads from the airport ended, and the seclusion he longed for started. Once a month, fast approaching two years, the house provided a getaway most only dreamed of. However, on a particularly cold winter evening in January, following the happenings of a well-known CEO, one may never want toâ?¦..

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