Free horror Kindle books for 14 Jun 18

Fang: The Unique Forge Series, Book 1.

by Brian Quirke

One sword, bound by blood.
Three people bound by circumstance.
A king is dead, a king must die.
The forge must be reopened….

They say the king is old… far too old. His mind is given way to madness and paranoia. He orders the death of any of those he suspects to be a traitor. For Akilis, this would be the end of one life and the beginning of another. Betrayed by his king and thrust into a desperate world, revenge is all that he has left.

Karn the statue they called him. Singular in mind and goal, thrusting the needs of all others aside, he searches for her. Those who cannot help him are fortunate. Those who can do so not by their own will.
Pray he ignores you.

Valentine, named after the festival of love. Loved by his mother, and his uncle. But shadows and death will change everything for him. Shadows surround him, constricting his mind. As much as he tries to hold onto himself… he may not be alone.

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