Free Kindle books for children and young adults for 14 Jun 18

Brinsop’s Brood: Dragon Stone Adventures

by Kristian Alva

Audience: Young Adult Fantasy
Word Count: 23,000 (novella-length)

Spring brings a renewed sense of hope to the Death Sandsâ?¦ but a new danger threatens the dragons of Durn.

The dragons of Durn, once on the verge of extinction, are now recovering with a new generation of hatchlings. The leader of the dragon riders, Sela Matu, waits anxiously for word from her dragon, Brinsop, who has retreated into the Death Sands to nest.

Weeks pass, and Sela waits anxiously for word. Then one day, she hears the distant voice of her dear friend at last, delivering the happy news; the dragon hatchlings have arrived. Overjoyed, Sela ventures deep into the desert to reunite with Brinsop and meet her new brood of hatchlings.
But a trap has been set. Lurking among the desert tribes is a mysterious stranger whose intentions are uncertain. Sela must hurry to Brinsop’s side, or else the hatchlings may be lost forever. Can Sela stop this shadowy outsider before it’s too late?

Into Shadow (Shadow and Light Book 1)

by T.D. Shields

She’s on the run. But she won’t stay hiding forever. And then they’ll wish they’d killed her, too.

When a stinging betrayal leaves her father dead, Poppy’s world comes crashing down. And when the assassins target her next, she must run.

From the life she knew. From the city she loves.

To a place more dangerous than she can imagine.

Surviving the jungled ruins of Denver won’t be easy. But if she can live long enough, she might just find some allies. And then she’ll have a chance.

To avenge her father’s death. To face those she once believed loved her.

But that won’t be easy. Because it’s not just the government that wants her dead now.

Into Shadow is the first book in the young adult dystopian Shadow and Light series. Fast-paced with great world-building and a strong female protagonist, T.D. Shields has created a book all lovers of young adult dystopian novels will enjoy.

Grab a copy to start this fantastic series today.

Praise for Into Shadow

“Into Shadow is a must read for anyone who enjoys stories of politics, strong female characters, and post-war worlds.”-Adrienne

“Fantastic book! I was hooked from the first page! Great characters. The story was very engaging! I definitely recommend this book!”-K.H.

“Was a fresh read on a new way of our world and government destroying what we have today.”-Lori

Pat the Cat: Stop bullying book for children

by tanja varcelija

This educational children’s book is here to help your child understand a concept of being different yet the same.
Stop bullying book for kids has set as a goal to prevent child abuse from being different.
Funny characters trough laughter overcome their differences. Clean and colorful illustrations are created especially for children aged from 6 years to 8 years.
The book is based on a true story of real characters!
The book is offering interaction with those characters.
To understand the content and concept even better I have illustrated few cards, games, coloring pages, stinkers.

A Yoga Journey Through India

by Amanda Marie Cottrell

Come on a learning and yoga journey with these two adorable yogis. Not only will your children be learning yoga poses they will also be learning about the country of India through the poses and movements. Allow your child’s imagination to soar through a guided visualization designed to allow children to use their minds eye to experience what it would be like to travel across India.

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