Free science fiction Kindle books for 14 Jun 18

The Navigators: A gripping time-travel adventure

by Dan Alatorre

A freak landslide at a remote mine site uncovers a strange machine to Barry’s group of paleontology students. Wary of corrupt school officials, his team takes the machine home to study it in secret, reaching only one realistic – and unbelievable – conclusion: It was designed to bridge the time-space continuum. It’s a time machine.

Testing delivers disastrous results, sending one team member to the hospital and nearly killing another. When word leaks about the discovery, the ultimate power struggle ensues: the university wants it for funding, the power company wants its energy regenerating abilities kept under wraps, and a rival group wants to steal it for themselves. No one cares if Barry’s team comes out alive.

Fleeing for their lives, the students must fight the school, the police, and each other if they want to learn the truth about what they’ve discovered – a truth with more severe consequences than any of them can predict.

Outpost Omega

by Marc Landau

One man. One robot. One dog. And a strange alien rock. Can they save the universe?
Life’s not going as planned on Earth Prime. Wil’s lost his job, his living quarters, and the love of his life. Now all he wants is to get as far away as possible from his problems.

But like the saying goes, you can’t run away from yourself.

He takes a sub-level military job as a night watchman patrolling the farthest end of the galaxy. He sits, watches, and waits. Alone, except for a robot and a contraband dog. Nothing ever happens at the farthest reach of the universe.

Until it does.

What starts out as an escape from life ends up thrusting Wil into the middle of war, an alien invasion, and an encounter with a mysterious lifeform as powerful as a God.

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The Angries: Part I

by Deni Skeens

We’ve let ourselves overlook it, the damage after it happens. We stop seeing it, but we know that the destruction will never end.
The buildings will stay gone, and the people will stay dead.
Nothing comes back.
The marked are humans with superhuman gifts, some adhere to a heroes code, but others do not.
They seek to control, using their abilities and their powers against us.
We are no match for them alone.
We cannot let them control us, and they will destroy us if we do nothing.
It’s our world, and it’s time for us to rise and reclaim it.
Open your eyes, see them for what they are and resist.
Resist for all of humanity.


by Brixton Atwood

Welcome to Motor City, 1985. The streets are plagued by roving gangs and mercenary ninjas. The gyms are packed with busty babes in leotards and legwarmers. A ruthless auto tycoon reigns supreme. Nothing can stop his rise to powerâ?¦ until he messes with the wrong aerobics instructor.

This Summer, Linda Lockhart’s enemies are going to get the workout of a lifetime. Part aerobics instructor. Part machine. Totally 80s. This is AEROBATRON.

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