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Emergency Pantry: Learn How to Build Your Root Cellar in the Case of SHTF: (Survival Food Storage, How to Store Food, Prepping)

by Tim Robbins

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Emergency Pantry

Learn How to Build Your Root Cellar in the Case of SHTF

Ever thought about building a root cellar in the case of surviving? Imagine you live in a peaceful area where there are no riots, strikes, chances of martial law or even chances of drought, but who knows? There can always be the first time when you might have to face all this.

Apart from that, you can also be a working woman and do not have time to give attention to your kitchen and there might be many times when you went in the kitchen to cook anything and you do not have all the ingredients to do the cooking and at the last moment, everyone’s mood is ruined because of the dish they wanted to eat and since you do not have the complete ingredients, you can not make it.

Even this can be the case that suddenly you are in a situation in your city where the law and order has been all disturbed and you find yourself under the martial law where you cannot step out of the house.

All this makes one determined and ready to build up a root cellar in the case of emergencies. This book is a complete guide for you in order to learn from the step one till the last step about how to build a root cellar, how to set it up carefully, things you should consider when building up a root cellar and many more guides. This book is divided into the following chapters:

  • How to store food in your pantry?
  • Why is it important to have a root cellar?
  • How to build root cellars?
  • How to store fruits and vegetables inside a root cellar?
  • What to consider when making your own emergency pantry?

Get this book to avail all the steps and understand properly how you can make a root cellar inside your garden or set up an emergency pantry for survival should you have to face some issues. Building up a root cellar is the perfect way to stock up food inside your home and this is what is explained in this book so read it and enjoy!

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God is Bigger than a Game: He has a plan for you

DISSECTING THE STRONGHOLD OF SPORTS! This book is about the relationship that is formed between the athlete and the sport. For some athletes, their relationship with sports evolve into a dynamic marriage that is blissful, valuable and rewarding; that is, until you are facing divorce. Separating from the game can be significantly difficult, overwhelmingly depressing and catastrophically dangerous for many. Though most athletes work hard on their physical frame to be uniquely chiseled, they must also work on their spiritual relationship with God. For a vast number of children around the world, their initial aspirations are centered in athletics; which can be a very positive endeavor but can also be a very dangerous one. Here are some questions we should consider when recognizing the signs of danger in our young athletes: Are many of their school papers about sports? When Mom and Dad divorced, were they playing sports? When Dad never came to pick up his child, were they still playing sports? When they suffered abuse, were they involved in sports? If so, sports have consistently been there for them; but how do they cope with life when it’s not? This book will take you on a journey of the author’s childhood to discover where the stronghold of sports began. He discusses the value in having a trusting, unmovable and loving foundation versus having a foundation built on your aspirations for the game. After reading this book, you will truly have an understanding on how to make God bigger than your problems, your fears, your disappointments and the game!

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