Free war Kindle books for 14 Jun 18

Sarajevo (The Blades SAS Novellas Book 1)

by Jo Black

Summer 1998, former Para Danny Archer has just passed the gruelling S.A.S Selection and joined an elite S.A.S Sabre Squadron â?? Bravo Seven Troop. Arriving fresh from Jungle training, Archer arrives in Sarajevo and is thrown in at the deep end with a battle-hardened S.A.S patrol, sent straight out on a recon mission to arrest Radic: a wanted Serb War Criminal. As the mission unfolds, Archer quickly realises how much he has yet to learn before he qualifies as a â??Blade’, but Archer is quickly blooded in to the tight-knit S.A.S team as the patrol hunt for Radic in the war-torn streets of Sarajevo and woodlands of Bosnia.

The Blades S.A.S Novella Series follows Archer’s Seven Troop through 6 novella length stories as he carries out a range of operations from 1998 to the eve of the 9/11 attacks in 2001.â?©

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