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Blood Sister

by Kenna McKinnon

Annie Hansen, a young schizophrenic private eye, is tasked with solving the murders of the town mayor and a local doctor in the small town of Serendipity, Canada. Together with handsome detective Mark Snow, they set to bring the killer to justice.

But Annie is haunted by her past, unable to overcome her mother’s death and her father deserting their family. Soon after, the investigation takes a surprising turn when Annie and her boyfriend find themselves among the suspects.

What is the cryptic message left on the late doctor’s charts… and is it possible that Annie, or one of her friends, is responsible for the crimes?

Praise for BLOOD SISTER:
“A charming murder mystery” – Gisela Hausmann, author & blogger
“A uniquely courageous and quirky whodunit with a fresh voice.” – Jesse Giles Christiansen

Ruined by the SEAL (Hot Caribbean Nights Book 1)

by Zoe York

The Navy SEAL’s fresh start lies on the far side of her defeatâ?¦
Mick Frasier owes his life to his fellow Navy SEALs. Now that he’s discharged, one of them offers him another lifeline: a new future on the Caribbean island of Miralinda.
But when he arrives at the abandoned sugar plantation he’s supposed to whip into shape as an executive training facility, he finds it already under renovationsâ??overseen by the beautiful director of the island’s Historical Society.
Cara Levasseur is too young for her job. Too pretty. Tooâ?¦unorthodox. She’s heard it all, and now that she’s finally secured Villa Sucre, she’s not going to let anything get in the way of her first big professional coup.
Not even a sexy, strapping ex-Navy SEAL who isn’t afraid to turn on the charmâ??or when that doesn’t work, declare all-out war. When she sets up camp in the ballroom, because there’s not a chance in hell she’s giving up her claim on the estate, Mick stakes out his own territory around the only working bathroom on the property.
With tempers flaring and passions running hot, Cara’s intent on not letting Mick ruin this opportunity for herâ??and she doesn’t want him to ruin anything, either. Her life plan, for example. Or her heartâ?¦

ASSIGNMENT: Hot Caribbean Nights
Ruined by the SEAL
Bound by the SEAL

The series will continue in Fall 2018 with Bought by the SEAL and Cherished by the SEAL. Each book is a standalone romance about a different couple.

If you enjoy Navy SEAL romances set in the Caribbean, look for other ASSIGNMENT: Caribbean Nights stories from Kat Cantrell (Duchess Island) and Anne Marsh (Angel Cay)!

Cross (Courting Chaos Book 1)

by Heather Young-Nichols

A sexy drummer and a rock god’s daughter on tour together for the summerâ?¦ what could possibly go wrong?

Opening for Kissing Cinder is the big break Cross Rhodes and his band need to get to the next level. He needs to stay focused on the tour and their future, yet can’t forget about the hot, sassy blonde he tried to kick out of the venue. She’s the off limits daughter of the man who could make or break them.

Indie Cinderstone spends the summers acting as the unofficial photographer for Kissing Cinder and spending as much time with her father as possible. She didn’t plan on falling for the opening act’s drummer, Cross. Nor did she expect his bandmate to have an issue with the pictures she takes. When threats and intimidation don’t work on her, his aggression escalates until it explodes.

When your head and your heart won’t listen to each other, how do you know which one to follow?

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Her Steadfast HERO (Black Dawn Book 1)

by Caitlyn O’Leary

David Sloane is one of the Army’s top investigators. Convinced that two of his own have been framed by the tiny island government of Las Flores, he’s determined to do what it takes to prove their innocence. When a major earthquake hits the day he arrives all hell breaks loose.

In the midst of chaos, former army nurse Sarah Kyle arrives with Doctor Without Borders. Just as David comes face to face with the woman he’s never forgotten, he is tapped to lead a manhunt to capture the dangerous convicts that escaped during the earthquake. These men will stop at nothing to leave the island.

When the hospital is overrun by the most brutal of convicts and an American doctor is held for ransom, the Navy SEAL unit Black Dawn is called in. Can David and Black Dawn rescue Dr. Carys Adams before it is too late? Through all the turmoil will David and Sarah realize that their time has finally come and they were meant to be together?

This is an extended version of the novella â??Her Heart’s Protector’ from the box-set Cuffed and Claimed. It is a prequel to â??Her Adoring SEAL’ book 3 of the Midnight Delta Series.

Stripped (The Stripped Series Book 1)

by Stacy-Deanne

This series is a spinoff of the Bruised Series.

Baltimore Detectives Dee Quarter and Connie Wilks spring into action when a woman is strangled to death. The investigation immediately leads to Dee’s ex, Grayson, who still wants her. As if Grayson isn’t enough to deal with, the case brings Dee to Jonathan Wild, the leader of a cult called The Circle.

The charismatic Jonathan is unlike any man Dee’s ever met and his interest in the feisty cop goes beyond the case, threatening Dee’s romance with Winston Lewis.

Dee loves Winston with all her heart and despite curiosity for Jonathan, she refuses to get sucked in, but Dee doesn’t know Jonathan plans to make her a member of The Circle whether she likes it or not.

While juggling her love for Winston and intrigue toward Jonathan, Dee fights to solve the case, but will she lose herself in the process?

Next Exit, Three Miles (The Exit Series Book 1)

by CW Browning

Alina Maschik was one of the best. She never missed. Yet, two years ago in Cairo, she missed her shot at one of the world’s most wanted terrorists. Now, he’s back. This time, he’s on US soil.

Given the opportunity to redeem herself, Alina’s objective is simple: find the terrorist and complete her mission. But when the target leads her back to her hometown in New Jersey, the situation is anything but simple. Confronted with old girlfriends, her ex-fiancé and the Jersey mob, Alina must face her past as she races against an invisible clock.

But as bodies start to pile up, a cunning and invisible assassin threatens to destroy everything she holds close. Accustomed to working alone, Alina must now rely on old loyalties and new partnerships to help her defeat this new threat, and save the lives of thousands of Americans, without failing a second time.

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