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Tourism Art: High Brow, Low Brow becoming a connoisseur

by Tascha Sciarone

Tourism art and souvenirs are pieces of experience and â??otherness’ brought home, to differentiate their collector from the local and anchor them to a group. It allows the inclusion of the other, however superficial in the local subconscious of the individual and the people he shares his environment with. However once the object has lost its exoticism or its uniqueness to knowledge of the collector, more intricate forms of â??other aesthetics’ will be searched for. The tourism market will continue to produce â??authentic and ‘exotic’ items, but this will happen gradually as people might not travel as often or as enmasse to certain regions. For those who do travel often or stay longer in certain regions or cultures, they will be more knowledgeable of the aesthetics and search for even more â??authentic exotic’. Tourism art allows for a unmediated bite-sized cultural internalization. Which might be very superficial at first, but lead to greater understanding of â??other’ aesthetics in the long term for a large part of travellers. In the constant search of differentiation and specialness of the individual, tourism art is an anchor to another which can only be fed by more specialisation and individualisation in one or many cultures outside the tourists dominant culture. However each tourist or individual can choose for a wide variation of cultures or regions to connect to thus enhancing a homogenization globalized world as a group of tourists, but enforcing the heterogenization of the individual in his community.


by Michel Halmos

This is a 42 page book, the third volume of my animal paintings, the originals are done in oil paints. Some have minoradjustments in Photoshop for better reading clarity for the texts and explanatios. Don’t miss out on my other volumes of animal paintings, my comic book “ABAKIE” and my two volumes of cat paintings.

Erotic Poetry: Collection of 10 erotic poems (sex poems)

by LoveT books

Erotic poems are not for children under the age of 18.


by Michel Halmos

This is a 36 page full-color book of my cat paintings originally done in acrylic, watercolor, and digital painting. Some of the acrylic paintings have been modified with Photoshop, giving a much more dreamy, swirling, strongly imaginatived effect than the others in the first volume. Be sure to check out my 3 volumes of animal paintings, as well as my comic book “ABAKIE”

Holywood Star: The Life and Times of a Rock and Roll Misadventurer

by Eamon Nancarrow

On almost every page of this rock memoir you’ll find something funny, and in every chapter of Holywood Star a situation that will make you burst out laughing.

What’s even funnier is that one of Eamon’s bands have reformed, they are gigging and recording new material. So if you have just discovered No Hot Ashes, this book will give you some great background on the early days of NHA.

You might not have heard of Eamon Nancarrow, his songs or any of his bands, but by the end of this biography you’ll feel like a life-long fan of this rock & roll singer. His story is all about 80’s rock, Belfast, the Troubles and how musicians survived the turmoil with humour and guitars turned up to ten.

Now, some famous people have come from his Northern Irish hometown of Holywood in County Down. Champions like golfer and US Open winner Rory McIllroy, or comedian and actor Michael Smiley, plus Sky News presenter Dermot Murnaghan are all well known and respected in their fields.

Unfortunately for Eamon, his skills as a rock singer and writer have yet to garner such widespread recognition, although he had quite an auspicious beginning in life.

A Holywood Star is born…

His parents claim it was the vibration from Bill Wyman’s bass, at a Rolling Stones concert in the mid 60’s, that caused Eamon to be born prematurely. Later on in life it was a chance meeting with Van Morrison that inspired our misadventurer to take his first step on the road to fame and fortune.

But instead of picking up a guitar and learning a trade, Eamon thought he stood more chance of joining a great 80’s rock band if he permed his hair in a style similar to the flowing locks of David Coverdale and Robert Plant. And for some, that chapter is worth the price of this book.

In his life and times Eamon has encountered many wonderful and incorrigible people. In doing so he’s discovered the joy of living and has been able to write it down in such as way you feel he is beside you, having a personal conversation.

As the reviews mention, he’s been able to gather it together in a collection of tales that will have you rocking and rolling with laughter. You might even be inspired to have a misadventure of your own.

Cyrano de Bergerac (Prometheus Classics) (French Edition)

by Edmond Rostand

Toutes nos oeuvres sont de bonne qualité et contienne une table des matières active ( HTML ), ce qui vous facilitera la lecture.

Une représentation à l’hôtel de Bourgogne (en 1640). La salle du théâtre se remplit: on va y donner une pastorale, la Clorise, dans le genre précieux. Le jeune et beau Christian de Neuvillette y vient contempler la femme qu’il aime: Roxane, une précieuse “épouvantablement ravissante” à qui le comte de Guiche fait la cour. La pièce commence, mais est vite interrompue par le turbulent Cyrano de Bergerac, qui interdit à l’acteur Montfleury de jouer, car il est trop gros! Des spectateurs protestent, et l’un d’eux provoque Cyrano, en critiquant son nez, “très grand” â?? ce à quoi le héros réplique par la célèbre “tirade des nez”, éloge de sa propre laideur, avant de se battre avec l’importun. Pendant le duel, il compose une ballade (“Ã? la fin de l’envoi, je touche!”). Ã? son ami Le Bret, il confesse qu’il aime passionnément Roxane sa cousine, mais sa laideur le laisse sans espoir…

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