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Raising Ducks Naturally: Breeds and Care for Happy, Healthy Ducks: (Breeds, Care, Health)

by Emma Ashton

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Raising Ducks Naturally

Breeds and Care for Happy, Healthy Ducks

How many books have you come across till now which mention how to raise ducks naturally? Well, there are not many books and not even those books are genuine enough for you to take such a huge step and start raising ducks naturally in your backyard. Well, if you are in search of such a book which mentions the complete process and gives you the complete guidance regarding the raising up of ducks then I would suggest you get your hands down on this book.

This book is the perfect as well as the complete guide for someone who wishes to breed ducks in their backyard. This book mentions the tips as well as the ways about raising ducks. If you are thinking about raising ducks naturally in your backyard, then this book is the best that you can get. There can be no book better than this.

Apart from the tips, this book also mentions ways of keeping your ducks healthy and also mentions the basic differences between raising chickens and raising ducks. It tells us more about ducks and some characteristics about them which enlighten us.

For a beginner who is planning to start raising up ducks in their backyard, this book is a complete gem. Since it mentions all the pros, cons and the consequences of raising the ducks naturally you will become a pro by just reading this book and then you will require no further help from anyone or take support of any other thing.

This book is divided in the following chapters:

  • Some tips about raising ducks naturally
  • 12 things which you need to consider when raising ducks

So, if ever you have made the decision about raising ducks in your backyard, then this book should be on your buying list as believe me it is going to be a big help for anyone who reads it. So, do not be late and get this book so that you can get the most out of it and be a pro at handling ducks!

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The Morality of Capitalism: What Your Professors Won’t Tell You

The second in the “What Your Professors Won’t Tell You” series of essays on political economy, this collection includes thirteen essays. Authors include Nobel Prize winners Mario Vargas Llosa and Vernon Smith, Whole Foods Market CEO and founder John Mackey, and scholars from across the globe.

This book series is a project of the campus organization Students for Liberty and is intended to “offer the other side of the debate, the side that is rarely acknowledged to exist” in college courses on economics and political science. Students are encouraged to “read the best criticisms of free market capitalism … Marx, Sombart, Rawls, Sandel” and then “wrestle with the arguments offered in this book, think about them, and make up your own mind.”

The first book in this series The Economics of Freedom: Selected Works of Frederic Bastiat, includes a foreword by Nobel Prize economist F.A. Hayek.

Complete Elite Athlete: What Every Elite Athlete Needs to Know for Success On and Off the Field (Volume 1)

by Jeffrey Kaplan

This is a totally new kind of book; at once a case study, a business model spotlight and a personality profile; the professional distinction series is, at its heart, an experiment. The stories contained in this and future editions do not follow traditional patterns because the stories are happening right now, and you can be part of them. You are not only invited to read this book, but to become a character; get involved and change the course of the story. If you like the business model and want to help it grow, reach out and carve a place for yourself in the business. If you like the person featured in the story and think you can help him or her succeed, provide an introduction, make a suggestion, etc. please do so.

Above all else, this series is an opportunity to engage in a story that’s in the making, unfolding right now. Who knows, maybe this will become a new way to help and promote the young people that will shape our future.

All net proceeds of ‘Complete Elite Athlete’ will be donated to the University of Northern Iowa.

Freelance Jobs and their Profiles: The Freelance Writer (Freelance Careers Book 18)

by The Gig Economist

Work from home and hire freelancers: Writer

What is it a freelance writer does? If you ever thought about hiring freelance writer or taking the first steps to work as a freelance writer , this is the ebook you need to read. All of your questions will be answered:

· How much does a freelance writer earn?
· Which tools and skills does a freelance writer need?
· What types of writers exist?
· Which industries hire freelance writers ?
· What types of information do clients have to provide a freelance writer with?

The team behind The Gig Economist is convinced that the gig economy can be a success for entrepreneurs, freelancers/giggers, big companies and small businesses alike. Our overall aim is to help shape a healthy gig economy. This Freelance Jobs and Their Profiles series provides clients and freelancers with the information and understanding they need to work together, ultimately creating an environment that is beneficial for all parties involved.

The Millionaire Project Manager: Maximize your Earning Potential and Career Growth in Project Management

by LT Patton

The Millionaire Project Manager focuses on the roadmap to financial success and career growth as a Project Manager. This book is for individuals looking to become a Project Manager and working Project Managers looking to advance their career & income.

-Maximize your Earning Potential and Career Growth in Project Management
-Proven Success Principles in Project Management
-From Entry Level to Highly Effective Project Manager
-Step by step guide to earn six-figure income in Project Management
-Top Paying Industries in Project Management
-Full time vs. Contractors vs. Self Employed
-Landing Your First Project Manager Job (With No Experience)
-Best Certifications for boosting your salary
-Most sought-after skills for Project Managers
-Tips and Strategies for the “Accidental Project Manager”
-Qualities of a Great Project Manager
-Alternative career opportunities in Project Management

Emprendimiento Ejecutivo: Las Reglas que no te enseñaron en la escuela para ser dueño de tu propio destino (IONA nº 5) (Spanish Edition)

by Iver Octavio Nava Andaya

Hoy vivimos en un constante estado de incertidumbre laboral y de insatisfacción creativa o de superación personal, debido en parte a que muchos optan por sacrificar esos sueños o proyectos que tenían cuando estaban en la escuela por un trabajo “seguro” o con prestaciones laborales que les permitan mantener una estabilidad económica en pleno siglo XXI , creyendo dentro de su mente que esa falacia es “real”.
Sin embargo, la realidad es la mejor maestra de la vida y se encarga de mostrar a los estudiantes, profesionistas y posgraduados; que esa concepción ideológica utópica es sólo producto de su imaginación y rezago, de una cultura arraigada laboral remanente de la era industrial (que según algunos autores, ha terminado desde el año 2000 de nuestra era). La globalización, el talentismo y los grandes adelantos tecnológicos crecen a pasos agigantados, a su vez disminuye cada vez más la capacidad de asombro de las nuevas generaciones y distancía cada vez más a aquellos que nacieron antes y/o a partir de la segunda mitad del siglo XX (que hoy a pesar de ser empresarios reconocidos en su medio; no entienden estos cambios), y que no pueden competir con empresas cuyos recursos materiales y humanos son apenas una fracción de las suyas; pero que sin embargo con apoyo de la tecnología son consideradas de más valía dentro del entorno económico, aportando más a la ciencia y por ende sus ganancias económicas y ayuda social son mayores a las tradicionales.
Esta primera obra es parte de una serie de obras dedicadas a recopilar, mostrar y enseñar que más allá de todo; existen soluciones reales, tangibles y científicas que pueden ser aplicadas por cualquiera que esté dispuesto a romper con viejos paradigmas en pos de subirse al tren del Emprendimiento, con una visión Ejecutiva; ya sea empezando su propio negocio, patentando su propio invento, registrando sus propios métodos o apoyando los de alguien más; con bases matemáticas, económicas, contables y más, sin dejar de lado la creatividad y la innovación característica de este tipo de proyectos, fusiones de ideas y nuevas empresas escalables y sistematizables del siglo XXI.

FOREX Market Week Report 11June Issue 18: Commentary and Forecasts on major currencies moves (Forex Forecasts)

by Labis Michalopoulos

Weekly 12 minutes, easy to read commendary on all major currencies for the week ahead. EUR, JPY, USD, AUD, CAD,GBP, EURJPY, EURUSD, USDCAD, AUDUSD, USDGBP. The commendary begins with remarks on fundamental state of each major economy from a macro perspective, dives in the current technical pattern formation of each currency and commends on the market moving factors of the previous week and the week ahead.
The accuracy of presented forecasts is unmatched.
Current report contains Korea, Iran deal, BOE, Symmetric targeting of FED, RBA, Unit labour cost,China Trade talk, Nafta,G7 meeting, 12 June Summit, Kim, Trump, EU retaliation

La Biblia del Community Manager: Facebook Marketing Digital Magnético: Las 21 técnicas probadas para convertir likes en Euros (Spanish Edition)

by Jorge Gil

¡Hey alto ahí!

¿Quieres las técnicas de Facebook Marketing que los Community Manager más exitosos están utilizando actualmente debido al cambio de algoritmo?

¿Estas cansado de que tu negocio en Facebook no genere absolutamente nada de dinero?

¿Has notado un repentino descenso en el alcance de tus publicaciones y no sabes cómo remediarlo?

Si contestaste sí a cualquiera de estas preguntas entonces La Biblia del Community Manager: Facebook Marketing Magnético es lo que necesitas.
Prepárate para conocer de primera mano las estrategias de Marketing para Facebook más poderosas e importantes, las que los grandes Community Manager están utilizando.

Si leiste La Biblia del Community Manager: Promoción Perpetua no te puedes perder el segundo libro de esta fantástica colección.

Más de 1.000 lectores avalan el conocimiento de esta serie. ¿A qué esperas para tomar ventaja a tu competencia?

Prepárate para aprender:

– Cómo encontrar tu audiencia para maximizar tu alcance
– Cómo diseñar una portada profesional totalmente GRATIS y que sea compatible con cualquier dispositivo?
– Los 5 “si” de una estrategia de Facebook Marketing ganadora.
РComo conseguir Becarios de lujo sin ning̼n coste, si, GRATIS
– ¡Y mucho más!

¿No te lo crees?, haz clic sobre la portada y echa un vistazo por ti mismo.

Durante mucho tiempo las mismas estrategias de Marketing en Facebook han funcionado, ahora todo cambió, el algoritmo ha mejorado� ¿estás dispuesto a hacerlo tu?.

Quizás solo busques vender más en Facebook o conseguir más seguidores para tu página de fans o tan solo ser mas popular en la RRSS más utilizada del mundo, sea cual sea tu caso. Los mas de 2.000 millones de usuarios de Facebook están a tu alcance si utilizas las técnicas adecuadas.

¿Te atreves a innovar?

¡Consigue tu ejemplar ahora mismo!

Options Trading For Beginners: A Beginner Guide to Start Making A Ludicrous Amount of Money with Options Trading

by Sam Sutton

What Is Options Trading?

The stock market might look like a terrifying earth to people, for first taking their step in the stock exchange. However, people can see, there are variations of securities depositors, and the people need for their removal. There is like security, identified as a choice to release the entrance to the world of prospects for investors. The option is an agreement which delivers a customer the accurate, but on the other hand, they do not offer the duty to purchase and sell a significant advantage at an exact value otherwise earlier an assured date. These purposes are taken as a compulsory agreement through correctly cleared terms and features. The option is just like a bond which is safe. An option is also a deal that is severely well-defined with conditions and assets.

Now, the question in your mind is what the variance between the options and stocks is? Well, the stocks will offer you a minor portion of proprietorship; on the other hand, options is an agreement which will provide you the rights to purchase or trade the stock at an exact price by an exact date.

An options trading was innate in 1973, so that once an options market developed to a dynamic marketplace. As said by statistics amassed by the Options Industry Council, the entire capacity of option agreements operated on the U.S. exchanges in 2007 was about 3 billion, and it was a record.

The market has subsequently developed through to a classy exchange vehicle. For example, you could predict; several market consultants also some depositors who formed plans and which are known as options trading tactics. The first supposed option purchaser was the Greek mathematician and theorist Thales of Miletus.
For several persons used to through exchange stocks, it might be correct that they are excited to response to the requests. So, what are the options trading? It is the common question for the people. The most important answer of it is that it operated options or choice that always worth your privileges on the stock market. It means a single person takes the rights to the marketplace or else buying individual stock ensuring a particular period and amount range. A call option is that the buyer decides in purchasing securities, though at the time marketing securities and it known as the put option. Therefore, in several circumstances, when other customers apply both of these choices including the similar stock, that keep an eye on the specified date and amount value. It is mostly known as the dual option transaction.

Coaching Habits: How to Totally Change Your Life Forever and Achieve Success: Leader, Life Coach, The Habit, Goal, Coach, The Coaching Habit, Mentor

by Brian Baker

Discover â?¦.

Get this Kindle book for just $0.99. Regularly priced
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For those who can not become a competent life coach

If you want to become an experienced life coach, then very carefully read

For life coach, this works just incredibly

  • What Is the Importance of Coaching?
  • Qualities of a Good Coach
  • Tips for Coaches
  • Coaching tools and techniques
  • Powerful coaching skills and much more awaits you in this book

Download your copy today!

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The American Dream Deferred (The Brookings Essay)

by Cory Booker

Senator Cory Booker (D-NJ) shares the story of his father’s journey from poverty to middle-class prosperity, but says the bargain that helped his father and other workers achieve the American Dream is now broken. Sen. Booker reflects on the trends and practices contributing to stagnant wages in the United States, including a corporate culture that favors shareholder payouts over investments in workers; barriers to worker mobility, like non-compete clauses; and the “fissuring” of the workforce, as companies today are more likely to contract out labor to low-cost vendors rather than employ directly.

Senator Booker calls for policies that will address these and related challenges, expand opportunity for all Americans, and restore the bargain for all who seek it.

How to be a Great Project Manager: Project Management

by Jason Westland

Great project managers aren’t “born under a mushroom”! They are normal people who have learned great tips and tricks that are critical to managing successful projects. Download this free project management book to learn the most common tips and tricks of great Project Managers. You’ll find out how to set goals and achieve them, how to improve your decision-making and how to boost your confidence along the way.

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