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Phishing and Business Email Compromise Attacks: How to protect your business from email based fraud

by Matthew Dotts

In 2017, the Internet Crime Complaint Center received 15,690 reports of Business Email Compromise victimization with an estimated adjusted loss of 675 million dollars. The loss of 675 million U.S. dollars is a mind-boggling 87% percent increase from the 360 million dollars loss reported in 2016. These email based attacks are frequently targeting small and medium businesses.

The purpose of this book is to assist the small and medium business owner in protecting their company from email born attacks. These attacks not only result in a financial loss but also destroy vital computer equipment and render electronic records useless. Additionally, the loss of customer and/or employee data can result in negative media exposure, costly remediation measures, and subsequent financially devastating lawsuits.
Readers of this book will be better able to protect their businesses through:
-Understanding social engineering and email-based attacks such as phishing and business email compromise fraud
-Knowing the scope of the problem and seeing current trends
-Understanding the design and mechanics of fraudulent emails
-Enact training programs to bring about employee awareness
-Implementing prevention policies and defensive techniques
-Knowing what to if the business does fall victim to a scam
-Designing and implementing an incident response plan

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