Free fantasy Kindle books for 15 Jun 18

THE AWAKENING: Part One (The Lycan War Saga Book 1)

by Michael Timmins

War begins with an awakeningâ?¦
Two millennia ago, a bloody civil war was fought between two Druidesses. Lycans were created to fight this war.
Now, four individuals struggle to cope as ancient powers are awoken inside of them as they shift for the first time. Their lives are thrown into chaos as they learn to control these new powers. Their only hope to survive is to master the beast within as the Druidesses who fought the ancient war have awoken again to do battleï?­ here and now.

Once Upon a Twisted Time: A Twisted Fairy Tale Collection (Twisted Fairy Tales Book 1)

by Julie Morgan

From the days of old, with the twist of new, these fairytales are just for you.

Drawing from a well of myth and legend, each of these 16 USA Today and NYT Best Selling Authors, has put their own twist on a story from childhood.

Modernized tales of love, war, oaths, and curses, uncover the secrets in Once Upon a Twisted Time. We promise you a Happily Ever Afterâ?¦

Sleepwalker (Branches of Emrys Book 1)

by Brandy L Rivers

He haunted her dreams.

Savon Roantree loved and lost the man she planned to marry. Nathan Taggert disappeared, taking her heart with him and her world fell apart. His father refused to tell her what happened to Nate. Broken-hearted she left, planning to never return to Silvertail Ridge and tried to move on.

After a bad break-up, she finally gives in to her brother’s pleas to move back home. She never expected Nate was living next door once more.

Nothing changed for Nate, not when it came to Savon.

A tragic accident tore them apart. By the time he recovered, she was gone. When his father threatened to kill Savon if he ever went to her, he did the only thing he couldâ??followed in her dreams. No matter how hard he tried to reach her, she always ran. She even ignored his best friend, her own brother.

Twelve years later, he finally has a chance to right all the wrongsâ??if she’ll listen.

Silvertail Ridge has changed since they were kids. Both families have been pulled into an ancient battle.

Together they may stand a chance.

When The Lights Dim (The New Dawn Saga Book 1)

by Afflatus Muse

Strife lives in Bortevas, a large, metropolitan city in the northern region of Quiidnivask. In the city, humans are heavily discriminated against; it’s one of the largest trade cities in the world, and therefore beings of magic are much more highly sought after in the businesses. Strife rents a ramshackle little apartment on the outskirts, making his way through the city and finding odd jobs where he can.
One night, however, he stumbles upon a little girl; he has nearly no extra food for her, but he couldn’t bring himself to just leave her on the streets. So he decides to take her home, and he discovers she had a very special capability.
She can see into the future.
In her visions, war is reigning down upon Bortevas, and they’re the only two that know that. So they must find a way to convince the town council to evacuate the city, without being turned out like the scum humans they’re seen as.
If they can’t… Millions of beings will die.

The Ghost of Dickens (BOOK 1)

by M. Valasek

The story about Ebenezer Scrooge that you event heard.

The Bitch and Her Bastard

by John Dodds

Caitlin is woman ostracised by her village because they believe her to be a witch. When her blind son disappears one day, she believes he has been abducted and goes on a perilous journey, crossing the boundaries between this world and the land of faerie, encountering dangers and both real and supernatural. Aided by her former familiar, the malevolent wood sprite, Straif, and an old lover, she comes to learn a shocking truth that she could never have imagined.

Descendants (The Arete Series Book 1)

by Rae Else

There are lots of stories about the children of gods. But what about those cursed by the gods, and their descendants…

El, a seventeen-year-old has inherited an ancient and deadly power. She loses control of it, causing a horrific accident, and becomes the prey of a secret organisation, known as the Order.

Forced from her family and home, she hides in plain sight amidst the crowds of London, and is thrust into a world she never knew existed; one full of arete: beings with extraordinary powers like hers.

Arete can trace their lineage and powers from ancient Greece. They do not claim their inheritance comes from the gods, rather legend says they are descended from cursed beings, such as Medusa.

At the heart of their world is the kerykeion, the symbol that protects them from the humans and the humans from them. El is trapped between two factions, one that has built an empire around the kerykeion and another that is determined to bring it down.

As she is drawn deeper into the conflict, the only way to find the truth is to take matters into her own hands, and the line between friend and foe becomes dangerously blurred.

Descendants is the first book in the Young Adult, Urban Fantasy trilogy: The Arete Series.

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