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Illustrated Collective Terms #2: Volume #2 for Animals

by Kevin R. Sweeter

Collective terms are a fun and interesting, even often humorous bit of trivia for just about any occasion or gathering. Quite often we do have the need to know what certain groupings of animals or things are called. Is it a herd of ducks or a flock of ducks, or perhaps something else? This guide tells you the most common collective terms used today, and a few that have been around for a long time.

Illustrated Collective Terms not only offers you the terms themselves, but also couples these terms with illustrations. There are many groups of things, animals, birds, and what not else that many people have never experienced or seen before. Having this handy guide shows you as well as tells you what they are and what they are called.

Deplorable He: Da Prez’s Double Feature (Politcal Satire)

by Eva B. Melonie

In a time of mostly made-up strife, a millionaire… Uh, excuse me… A Billionaire will rise to save us all.

He’s smarter than everybody, just ask him. Don’t ask the press though, their facts lie!

He’s a straight shooter who likes to say things the way they are (according to his followers) and that gets him in trouble with dumb libs who just don’t understand especially when he uses words. Huge words. And that can lead to tremendous disaster.

But Da Prez is smart, real smart. He won’t take this lying down. Well, not without a Russian hooker standing over him, if you know what I mean… AHEM! Sorry, I got sidetracked.

Follow Dan as he battles his enemies and fixes the elect… Er, sets things right in his first adventure, then tries to figure out how to party, once he’s elected. (It’s hard. Who thought being da Prez would be so hard? Well, he did, because he’s so smart.)

Finally, both classic adult satires are together in one hilarious bundle!

Advisory: Da Prez is a bit of a naughty boy. He likes grabbing things and sometimes getting wet by those same things. There is some salty language because he’s so honest and there are some other naughty things, so don’t be a baby but keep this just for us adults only, okay?

Trump Supporters of the World Unite, You Have Nothing to Lose but Your Brains (8)

by Pmurt Dlanod

Trump humor

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Fatal Last Words: Never Say, ‘Never’

by Iris Cooke

Just when a person thinks things are under control, the unthinkable happens. People said, “Never say, ‘Never!'”, and these ironic happenings that occur in life will make you laugh, and see the disappointments in life in a new light.

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