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Miss Perris Valley

by Marlayna Glynn

If you loved Marlayna Glynn’s best-selling memoir OVERLAY, her mother’s story, MISS PERRIS VALLEY is a must-read!

Avis knew one thingâ?¦

She wanted to be a good mother.

At least a better mother than her own had been.

Could she be the exception in her family?

She traded Romoland for Modesto, married young, and started a family. Checking the boxes didn’t a happy marriage make. Before her children were a few years old, she already knew she’d made a mistake.

There was something about men. And the city. And glitz. And glamor. She knew she had to get away. Hollywood. Vegas. Cocktails. Movie stars…

Surely being a two-time beauty contest winner would pave the way to happiness.

Wasn’t this what the 1950s preached?

But something didn’t add up.

The 1950s didn’t deliver.

You’ll love this tragedy with a twist, because everyone loves a broken woman trying to do what’s right.

Get it now.

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