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ERP Guide: Choosing an ERP for your SME: How to choose an ERP for your small business and take the first step towards receiving accurate financial reports on time

by Giancarlo Jimenez

Choosing an ERP software is a critical first step for small business owners, since it is what will allow them to receive accurate, financial and commercial reports about their business on time. In this guide, business owners will get to learn what an ERP is, why do they one and what they need to consider before finally purchasing one. They will also be able to analyze three ERP Comparison Tables showing them the specifications of some of the most popular options out there.

Debts, Defaults, Depression and Other Delightful Ditties from the Dismal Science

by Bryan Taylor

A light-hearted look at some of the more entertaining episodes of economic history. Bryan Taylor uses his knowledge of the past to illustrate how corporations and governments have helped and harmed the economy and financial markets.

Readers will learn about the greatest counterfeiter of all time, the first publicly traded bonds, the worst inflation in history, the currency that created two countries, zombie bonds, and the New Jersey tailor who went to jail for undercutting other tailors by 5 cents. Taylor provides his insights on the gold standard, government debt, the stock market and why the Fed will keep interest rates low for years to come.

Whether looking for an amusing glimpse into the past or to learn how the economy can affect the stock market, Debt, Defaults, and Depression provides both. Even people who think calling economics the “dismal science” is being too kind enjoy this book.

Cómo vender en Ebay: Guía tutorial para subastar tus cosas y ganar dinero fácil por internet (Ganar dinero extra con marketplaces nº 4) (Spanish Edition)

by Javi González

¿Te cuesta llegar a fin de mes? ¿Te gustaría ganar dinero y internet para tener algo más de seguridad económica? ¿Quieres irte de vacaciones a un país exótico pero no tienes dinero suficiente?
Con este libro aprenderás a cómo vender tus cosas y transformarlas en dinero contante y sonante desde casa.

¡Aprende cómo ganar dinero por internet usando Ebay!

Si nunca has usado Ebay, o tienes poca experiencia y no te ha ido muy bien, este es tu libro para que pases de 0 a 100 con sólo un poco de lectura. Con este libro aprenderás a vender en Ebay cómo un profesional con años de experiencia y miles de votos positivos y podrás ganar dinero desde casa. 

Con solo vender las cosas que te sobran podras sacar más dinero del que imaginas. Todo es cuestión de saber los entresijos de este portal, qué tienes que hacer y qué no. En este libro encontrarás toda esta información de primera mano tras los mas de 7 años de experiencia que tiene su autor con Ebay y ganar dinero por internet con la segunda mano.

Este es un avance de lo que se ofrece en este libro:

  • Aprender una manera de trabajar desde casa y sin sufrir que te permitirá ganar dinero extra.
  • Lo que tienes que hacer antes de empezar siquiera a crear un anuncio.
  • A valorar tus trastos para sacarles la máxima rentabilidad
  • Las diferentes técnicas de cobro y cuáles te conviene más.
  • A saber cómo tienes que hacer los envíos
  • ¡Y muchos más trucos para vender en Ebay!

¿Para quién está dirigido este libro?

  • A personas que tienen un trabajo por cuenta ajena pero cuyo sueldo se les queda un poco justo para llegar a fin de mes.
  • A personas con poco tiempo libre pero que necesitan un sobresueldo o dinero extra para poder ahorrar algo.
  • A parados que no tienen trabajo pero quieren aprender sobre cómo ganar dinero por internet.
  • Este libro está dirigido a personas con familia y que quieras enseñar educación financiera práctica a sus hijos.

Pincha en la imagen de la portada del libro, arriba a la izquierda, si quieres echar un vistazo a lo que te espera. Vender en Ebay es gratis asi que si estás listo para aprender lo importante para usar Ebay como un profesional y ganar dinero por internet descárgate ya este libro.

Business Life For Women: How to get Customers, Optomize for Profit, and Use Goal Setting to Achieve Business Success (Inspiration and Advice Series Book 1)

by Holger Wastlund

Learn the strategies about women entrepreneurship and how to achieve your business goals. This is one of the best motivational books for women. Here you will find inspiration and advice from many business women.

The author of this inspiring book, Holger Wastlund, has worked as a successful consultant for most of his professional life. He has been active in the United States, Canada, Europe, Africa, and Asia. He has helped many people to start new businesses, and develop existing companies. He has been an advisor to numerous individuals where he has been advising them on issues to do with career change and personal development. He has been a fantastic inspiration for women as he has published 15 books all of which are based on practical and proven advice and tips.

Do you want practical experience from successful women businesses? Go ahead and download this inspiring book now.

41 Tips and Tricks to Improving Your Small Business

by David Hilton

Looking to take your business to the next level?
Or perhaps you are in need of a bit of advice to just help your business out?
David Hilton, DBA, is opening his vault up for the first time to share decades worth of experience and information he has collected as a business consultant to the public for the first time.
Take your business to the next level with 41 tips and tricks that will help you develop the right strategies and mindset to foster your business.
The success of a business starts at the top, the strategies this book provides you will help you –
1.Achieve the Mindset of Success
2.Plan for the Long Run
3.Become a Successful Leader
And much more!
Make your business work for you and not the other way around.
This easy-to-read book will give you more than you are expecting!

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