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A Salute to Patriotism: The Life and Work of Major General Howard L. Peckham

by Jean Peckham Kavale

A Salute to Patriotism is more than the biography of a dedicated army officer, Howard Louis Peckham. It’s also the story of his remarkable family, starting with his ancestors who sailed from England to America in the seventeenth century and their descendants, who bravely served in the Revolutionary War and future wars. It also tells how they dealt with obstacles, tragedy, and success along the highway of life.

Additionally, the author brings well-documented insights into her father’s career and its significant contribution to the military history of the United States. After graduating from West Point, he served for twenty years in the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers. In 1942 he transferred to the Quartermaster Corps and went to Washington, where he headed the Fuels and Lubricants Division of the Quartermaster Corps. While serving concurrently as a member of the Army-Navy Petroleum Board, he testified before Congress about army petroleum needs. For his meritorious work of procuring fuels and allocating them to our armed forces worldwide, he was awarded a Distinguished Service Medal.

In postwar Paris, Howard Peckham headed the American Graves Registration Command and returned more than 80,000 American war dead to the United States. Approximately 60,000 others were interred in ten permanent American cemeteries in Europe, graded and constructed under his command. After his return to the United States, he served in highly responsible positions until his army retirement in 1956.

As a civilian, his patriotic service continued when he worked for the Free Europe Committee and traveled abroad to meet with Western European diplomats. His goal was to get them more involved in the Committee’s work. Nations behind the Iron Curtain peacefully freed from Communist domination, Howard Peckham believed, would ensure more security for the United States. Duty, country, and patriotism would continue to dominate his life to the end. (This book is the author’s Second Edition of “A Salute to Patriotism.”)

North Korean Government: A Contemporary History (Nutshell Books Book 1)

by Nutshell Books

Learn all you need to know about the North Korean Government in under an hour

As a country that promotes self-reliance and independence, North Korea is not a territory that is open with its history and economic standings. This has left the truth about North Korea a mystery to many people.

Now, that mystery has been uncovered. Through years of research and studying the current regime, this book compiles information from both official and non-official reports, stories from refugees who have managed to flee the country and information from those who have successfully infiltrated the country and witnessed its truths firsthand.

In this book, you will learn all about the North Korean government and events that shaped the country. This includes â??official history’ and truths about all three of the leaders, Kim Il-sung, Kim Jong il and Kim Jong-un, major policies implemented throughout the Kim dynasty, and the techniques and propaganda used to ensure each of them has risen to become a leader following their father’s deaths. Some other areas that we will illustrate include:

  • The Japanese Occupation
  • The Korean Civil War and Separation from South Korea
  • North Korean Economy
  • Foreign Policies
  • The North Korean Class System, Songbun
  • Political Prison Camps and the Horrors Inside Them
  • The Relationship Between North and South Korea
  • The Nuclear Weapons Program

North Korea carefully protects its history, but this book uncovers many of its secrets. By understanding the history of North Korea, you may understand how the Kims came to rise to power and control an entire country. Through isolation, execution and imprisonment, they eliminated competition and struck fear into the hearts of those who would oppose them. With this fear and the admiration and respect of the highest ranking officials, the Kim Dynasty would hold its country under total power for more than six decadesâ??a hold that continues today.


by Rachel White

TAKEDOWN, the very latest of JFK assassination research, originally submitted as a series of research papers, where the authors Rachel White and Richard Hooke have looked at the events surrounding the assassination of President Kennedy from a fresh perspective. In particular, analysis of Buell Wesley Frazier’s testimony, about how Lee Harvey Oswald both entered and exited Dealey plaza on 11/22/1963, is investigated. This theme is central in understanding a fictional story has been constructed by Mr. Frazier, which is key to unraveling the entire conspiracy. Taking witness statements, accounts from the Warren Commission hearings, HSCA and research by other investigations the authors have connected the dots in the sequence of events in order to determine the truth – separate from the official narrative the public were told and is common belief. The role Ruth and Michael Paine played in these events is also examined in depth in order to determine the extent of complicity, in both supporting the assassination of JFK and framing Lee Oswald. The book also looks at how associated players, many identified in the Garrison investigation, Clay Shaw, Jack Ruby, David Ferrie, Roscoe White, John Roselli, Carlos Marcello, Richard Nixon, Lyndon Johnson and many less familiar, have remained in the shadows and are now brought to light.
Never before has anyone pieced together the players like this truly groundbreaking work, by White & Hooke, guaranteed to cause a shift in current perceptions in the minds of readers and researchers alike, about the evil murder of JFK.
The associated murder of JD Tippit is also examined with an explosive conclusion that, when grasped by ordinary people, who have never before really considered why Tippit was killed, is truly blood curdling.
This book is presented in an easy to read style and is for seasoned JFK assassination researchers and readers new to understanding these events for the first time. The authors take you on a journey of discovery, the conclusion of which will help the understanding of why these events are important enough to be remembered 54 years after they transpired and how they greatly impact today’s world.
Our Fake News media continue to scorn all questioning of these events, deemed “conspiracy theory”. This book is a challenge to both those times in 1963 and current day thinking about all the events which have gone uninvestigated by the mainstream media in those intervening years.
This truly is the first book of its kind and comes with a promise by the authors that new information will be added it is learned through further research, so that, in a sense this book is not the finished article and will not be so until the U.S. government recognizes the truths within and makes an appropriate response, including the prosecution of surviving conspirators.
Rachel White & Richard M. Hooke are passionate investigators. This comes through in their writing style with a sincere hope people will be humbled by the Truth.

Tirey Lafayette Ford

by Gregory Henderson

This is a story about Tirey Lafayette Ford and his rise from a schoolboy in Missouri to coming to California and getting his law degree, becoming District Attorney, California State Senator, and then Attorney General. SEVENTH EDITION.

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