Free humour Kindle books for 16 Jun 18

C is for Cookie: An Alphabet Book for Grown-Ups! (The Alphabet Books 3)

by Marc Richard

What makes those cookies so gosh-darned yummy?

…And why are they screaming?

OK, Gretel, Dad says we need to move out and get a job.

Don’t look at me that way.

Hey, we can do it together. It’ll be fun.

Yes. I know we have no skills.

Well, you know how all those long-haul cookie delivery drivers left on their routes and never came back?

It’s perfect. Guaranteed employment. People need their sweets.

What? Danger? Nah, we’ll be fine.

Hansel and Gretel are two long-haul truckers, a brother and sister team, whose work order is simple: Deliver a truckload of cookies cross-country to an old witch in the forest.

They stop to pick up their load and notice something isn’t right. Pastries shouldn’t be bleeding and screaming and trying to escape their boxes.

Once upon a time, in an orphanage, lived a rather ugly child. Picked on mercilessly by her peers until one by one the orphans went missing. Now an old witch with a cookie addiction, she sits alone in her mansion made of sweets, waiting for her delivery of baked goods with the one special ingredient in them.

Will Hansel and Gretel make their delivery on time? Will they make it out alive? Will Hansel finally admit that Gretel is the better driver?

Indulge your appetite and feast your eyes on this new twist on an age-old tale.

Note: This series does not need to be read in alphabetical order. Mix and match! Trade with friends!

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