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Cryptocurrency Made Simple: A beginnerâ??s guide to bitcoin, blockchain and all things crypto with a step-by-step guide on how to invest

by Ariel Meranus

While a lot of people are TALKING about crypto, not many actually “get it.” This short book will break down the basics of cryptocurrency for you in simple, easy-to-understand language. You’ll get a plain-English explanation of blockchain, an introduction to different cryptocurrencies and crypto concepts, and a step-by-step guide on how to invest on Coinbase and Binance, if you wish to do so.

We wrote this book to make crypto simple and accessible to anyone who wants to learn more. Because we believe crypto is the future. And the future should belong to us all.


by Artem Kocharyan

Have you spent gloomy days and sleepless nights trying to figure out your purpose in life? Do you stay in the midst of friends and still feel like you have nobody? Is there a constant hollow feeling in your chest which makes you feel very horrible? Are you scared of the future and how to live your dreams? Does the thought of winning the crowd give you jitters?
Then, this book is for you.
Titled, â??FEELING LONELY? GUIDE AND TIPS TO OVERCOME IT AND WIN THE CROWD,’it is a short e-book which was written in response to a very urgent need to help many people. A lot of people are fighting battles that nobody else knows about and they are scared of sharing their fears. This is quite understandable because letting people into your life will leave you vulnerable and that is the last thing anyone with issues wants.
Loneliness is not a feeling that cannot be overcome. In most cases, you do not even need professional help or any form of therapy to overcome this crushing feeling.
It is the major obstacle to happiness and growth. You must realize that one of the first things to do if you hope to conquer loneliness is to let people into your life. To grow, you have to open up yourself and see things from different perspectives.
This book teaches just how to do that. It is divided into three parts with each part succinctly explaining a lot of things you need to know and there are also illustrations for better understanding.
The first part, â??The three mediums to dealing with loneliness,’ highlights the initial phase of dealing with loneliness; awareness, acceptance and compassion.
To get rid of loneliness, you must first be aware of it. It must be acknowledged as being present. Then, you have to accept that it is there, that you live with it. Being in denial would only make things worse. After that, you have to come to terms with the fact that you are not the only person in your shoes. There are millions of others in the same situation, with some of them trying to find their way out. The least you can do is reach out to people around you and help those whom you can.
The second part outlines the several steps to overcoming loneliness. Loneliness does not just happen. It takes time to even be noticeable. Therefore, to get rid of it, you have to take things one at a time.
And finally, when you are able to beat your chest and say that you have conquered loneliness, then the next thing you should do is improve on yourself. More often than not, loneliness causes lack of confidence and stagnation.
Therefore, the third part of this book, “Self-improvement tips to winning the crowd,” would effectively guide you as you work towards getting back on track.
After reading this book, you will learn how to face your fears and come out winning. Life is all about perspective; how you see things. Some people see the proverbial glass of water as half empty and some see it as half full. Both groups are right but their mind-sets are different.
If you want to win and keep winning, this book is for you.

Autumn Crochet: 50+ Shawls, Hats, Rugs and Baby Clothes Patterns: (Crochet Patterns, Crochet Stitches, Crochet Book)

by Brenda Bryant

Autumn Crochet: 50+ Shawls, Hats, Rugs and Baby Clothes Patterns

Do you love crochet but don’t have a lot of time to devote to it? Are you looking for a last minute homemade gift option? Or even for the times when you want to be creative but don’t want to devote days to a project (only for you to forget about it and leave it unfinished) these are some of the perfect patterns to choose from because they are easy and can be completed quickly.

Healthy Forever: Recipes To Get You Started Now!

by Connie Simmonds

Connie obsessed over her weight for years, trying every fad diet and weight-loss product she could get her hands on. When her unhealthy habits led to a scary diagnosis at the doctor’s, she knew it was time to change for good. Scrapping unsustainable, quick fix diets and focusing on her long-term health, Connie has discovered how to keep the weight off permanently and live a happier, more fulfilling life.
Connie’s first book is a cookbook with a difference. Healthy Forever is honest, fun, light-hearted and totally relatable. Connie opens up about her incredibly personal journey in order to help other women and girls overcome the pressures of social media perfection and find happiness the healthy way – just like she did.
This e-short features some of Connie’s top recipes from her cookbook to get you on the road to becoming healthy forever. From family favourites like chilli and curry, to sweet treats such as chocolate coconut cups, her genuine passion for food has inspired her to fill this e-book with dishes you’ll love.

Blacksmithing For Beginners: Step-by-Step Guide To Making Beautiful Metal Decorations+Knife Making Tutorial: (How To Blacksmithing, Metal Work)

by Eric Crossland

Blacksmithing For Beginners:

Step-by-Step Guide To Making Beautiful Metal Decorations+Knife Making Tutorial

This book covers all of the basics when it comes to blacksmithing. This book outlines all of the major areas of blacksmithing, from how you can gather up your own materials to the best practices involved in smithing.

If you ever wanted to know how you can make practical and decorative items from a forge this book is for you! So what are you waiting for my friend? Get this book and get to blacksmithing!

This book covers:

  • Blacksmith beginner basics
  • Step by step tutorials for steel forging
  • Tutorials for decorative items like swords and helms.
  • Building or creating a knife
  • Proper safety measures to take

And much much more!

Bulldog Training: The Complete Guide To Training the Best Dog Ever

by Antony Rhodes

The Essential Guide To Training Your Bulldog

“Dog Lovers, Get Ready … Rhodes’ Second Book Gives the People the Essential Strategies To Become the Pack Leader.”â??Daily Dog

“You Owe Yourself a Visit To Rhodes’ School For Dogs, Where Members Range From Border Collie Pups To Great Danes To Just About Everything In Between.”â??The Santa Monica Courant

This comprehensive, illustrated book draws upon Antony’s years of dog training experience, including over 12 years with his own dog, Max.

The Bulldog is intelligent and a quick learner, which makes it highly trainable. In fact, many consider them to be the smartest of all animals. This book contains the strategies you’ll need to master the skill of Bulldog training.

You Will Learn Exactly How To:

  • House Train
  • Set up its space
  • Prepare it for when you’re not home
  • Potty train

Basic Commands

  • Sit command
  • Lay command
  • Come command
  • Stay command
  • Leave command

Advanced Commands

  • Go to places
  • Go to people
  • Roll command
  • Beg command
  • Heel command

And much, much more!

Includes Free Bonus Book: Backyard Chickens: the Ultimate Guide To Raising Your Own Chickens!

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