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Hello, I am Jim: A Family Story of Asperger Syndrome

by Jim Gaffney

“Truth and I have brokered what I would describe as a fragile and uneasy truce over the years.” Jim Gaffney, author and voice of Hello, I am Jim, recounts years of hard truths, painful memories, and fond nostalgia as he chronicles his lifelong journey with Asperger Syndrome.

Born in 1970 among the quiet suburbs of Youngstown, Ohio, Jim always knew the truthâ??that he was different, but he didn’t know why. From the frustrated vigilance of his parents at home, the hostile classrooms where his peers bullied him, to the unforgiving walls of his own self-esteem, he could not escape a constant sense of isolation during his childhood and adolescent years.

Now, he shares his thoughts as a 48 year-old man looking back on his younger self with a totally new perspective. With stunning clarity of his inner world as a child, teenager, and young adult, Jim reflects on everything that shaped him: the tough love of his father, his struggle with obesity, his perseverance as a distance runner, and eventually the gentle, guiding current of fatherhood.

With an introduction by his best friend and running companion, Greg Realmuto, this autobiographical memoir widens conventional understanding of autism, explains the value of “fire in the blood”, and ultimately explores what it means to live a “neurotistic” life.

A Redneck’s Guide To Deciphering The Man Code (Spiritual Duct Tape Book 4)

by Jeff Todd

There is a code that most folks from the male species live by that is given to us from birth. It’s not written down anywhere for us to read, study and practice. It’s more like a chemical – it’s part of our chromosomes and DNA – that flows through our bodies, our blood and brains. It tells us how we should act in all situations, how we should think and how to express ourselves in our environments. It’s like a survival mechanism created just for men.

Being a man in this world means living by the man code. We are judged by our fellow men that we socialize with daily. They will give you strange looks when you attempt to do something that is considered ‘not manly’. You can be shunned from the manly community and lose your imaginary ‘man card’ for doing anything that only females are known to do. Following the man code is a serious thing.

Since there is not a written document in place, we have to ask, “Where did this ‘man code’ come from? Where did it originate? And what exactly is in there?” And because if there is no written document, who’s to say that it didn’t get changed along the way? Maybe this man code that men have been living by for hundreds of years is wrong. What then?

Today, we take a closer look at this ‘man code’ and compare it to what the Bible says. The Bible has been around for hundreds of years and is one of the ways God, our Creator, communicates with us. Maybe we can discover what He intends for us, as men, to really be. I mean, He created man and had the original plan for manhood – that would make Him the only source we should really look to and we can find the details in the Bible.

My prayer today is that we can learn something about ourselves – the good, the bad and the ugly – and apply what we receive from God’s Word to our lives. I hope that we make the appropriate steps to become better people – better men. I believe that God has a perfect plan for us and wants us to live productive lives. He wants us to have great relationships with our wives, kids, families and friends.

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