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The Strength of Family: Amish and Doctor Romance

by Emily Meier

A Standalone Sweet Clean Amish Romance. Download for FREE with Kindle Unlimited

A newly widowed wife, Abigail Bontrager was devastated by the tragic loss of her husband, Jacob. He died in a freak accident while on his tractor. The orthopedic surgeon tried to save Jacob, but his body failed. Abby was left with debt, a farm to manage, and two small children as lost as she was. Relief came from an unexpected source when the good doctor showed up in her Amish community to purchase some quilts for his newly acquired home. She soon became the housekeeper for the house he turned into an inn. Abby found meaning away from her angry father and the Amish community she had grown up in.

Would this be the best choice for her budding search for meaning? Would Aidan Connolly, the charming Catholic doctor help her to redefine her life? Or would she be lost in the English world, trapped by her own stubbornness and need for independence?

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A standalone short story ending Happily Ever After PLUS 15 free bonus clean romance stories inside!

The Orthodox Jewish Bible

by Phillip Goble

The Orthodox Jewish Bible is an English language version that applies Yiddish and Hasidic cultural expressions to the Messianic Bible.

The 7 Keys to Success (Life Purpose Book 1)

by Will Edwards

The 7 Keys to Success contains an important message – it is time for you to wake-up and start living the life you were born to live, and to do that, you need to acquire these seven important keys. You will not only go on to achieve great success, you will also know that inner peace that comes from living a life that truly matters; one that actually makes a difference.

– Inspirational Stories
– Instant Motivation
– Find Your Life Purpose
– Reach Your Goals
– Change Your Life

This book will challenge you to rethink your life and what is really important to you. Start your own personal journey and discover the true meaning of success today!

Disarming Andi (North Dakota Weddings series Book 1)

by Elizabeth Goddard

Vance inherits a missile launch siteĆ¢??a relic from the cold war buried beneath the plains of North Dakota. But he doesn’t consider staying in the underground dwelling until he meets Andi, the woman responsible for remodeling it into a lavish home.

Upon meeting Vance, Andi may have just gotten her second chance to discover what her grandfather hid inside the old missile base decades before when he served as a missileer. Is she prepared to detonate her growing feelings for the new owner in order to find the hidden treasure?

Previously published by Barbour Publishing

Unsolved Mysteries: Bizarre Stories That Stumped Us All: What Happened, Where Did They Go? (True Police Stories Book 1)

by William Myron Price

Bizarre Stories That Stumped Us All: What Happened, Where Did They Go?

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Even with every effort we take to provide safety, the danger still exists. Thousands of people per year go missing and are never heard from again. The missing person is a unique phenomenon but as popular as paranormal activities are, one that is so powerful that it can grip the public in fear as well as unite it. Some cases garner national attention, others are local legends.

At this point it is difficult to explain why human beings are so enraptured by unsolved mysteries – perhaps it is a product of millenniums of evolution that has led to us surviving, and thriving, on this planet. Perhaps we can come to a better understanding with regards to this question at the end of this book, which is an attempt to chronicle a few varied and interesting encounters with seemingly paranormal activity and cold cases.

The purpose of this book is primarily as an interest piece, but also with the intention to arouse a sense of curiosity in the reader towards possible solutions to these mysteries.

All these stories are true and all were experienced and reported by the Police and eyewitnesses themselves. Prepare to have your beliefs challenged and your very concept of reality turned inside-out as we look at astonishing true unsolved cold cases stories, missing people and the paranormal…

I will try to put forth both supernatural and rational conclusions to the events that will be mentioned in this book, with the intention not of foisting an opinion on the reader, but of exposing the reader to a myriad number of ways in which the unsolved mysteries are said to have influenced our world…

Here Is A Preview Of What’s Inside…

  • Unsolved Mysteries: The Reaper of Souls – The Ghosts of 9/11
  • Unsolved Mysteries: The Call from the Woman Who Sold Her Soul
  • Unsolved Mysteries: The Price of Addiction is Steep
  • Unsolved Mysteries: The Longest Cold Case in American History
  • Unsolved Mysteries: Capsized and Lost Without a Memory…
  • Unsolved Mysteries: The Curse of the Little Bastard
  • Much, much more!

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